Cream colored cabinets. What ceiling color do you

rebeccamomof123January 16, 2013

These are the cabinets we are considering. They are called "wheaton" and they are described as "Cream colored paint with a light brown Glaze on maple". I've been lurking on this site a LOT as we enter the decision stage for our cabinets and have read lot of "i wish I had thought of that before" stories about cream cabinets clashing with white trim color. Mine will go to the ceiling since I have low ceilings - I live in a New England in a cap-cod style home.

I have white window inserts, white trim and was planning on white ceilings. I was also thinking of white subway tile but realize that whole combination might clash with my cabinets and make them look yellow which I DON'T want. Also, the main hallway of my house leading into the kitchen from the front door has white painted bead board.

I could just go with true white shaker-style cabinets (probably more true to the style of my house?) but I must not be the only one with this issue when considering cream colored cabinets. RIGHT?


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Mmmm, those look just yummy! I wouldn't worry about the white ceiling, though there are so many 'whites' you have another round of choices ahead of you. I like BM 'Cloud white'. You may have to rethink the white subway tiles though...

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I am doing cream cabinets. They are a really heavy cream. That means all the crown in the room has to be cream which, to me, necessitates matching cream trim for all the doors and windows and baseboard. Basically, the kitchen will have all cream matching trim.

That works for my room because it's it's own, defined space. In kitchens that share trim with other rooms, it would be a problem if they don't match.

I have a friend who just did a kitchen in Kraftmaid cabinets in their canvas color (a cream with no yellow undertones). She wound up having to paint all the woodwork in that room the same color as the cabinets. It was hard to get a paint that was an exact match with the Kraftmaid paint.

When all was said and done, she decided she wanted to paint all the trim cream in the entire house to match the kitchen. Problem was, she had just had it all painted white before they moved in! Because of cost, she left the rest of the house white.

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Sorry, I forgot to answer your question! With cream cabs I would do a ceiling that was either the same color as the cabs (that's what I'm doing) or a creamy white. Maybe your cab color and white mixed together.

Does your kitchen ceiling run into the ceiling of another room, or is there a separation?

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Okay, so my kichen will have a wideo opening into the family room, where the dining table will aso be. There will be a break in the ceiling where the extra wide "doorway opening" will be - we can't take the wall donw completely because it's a load bearing wall. So, essentially it's open to the family room - where I have white windows an white trim and where I was planning to add a white matel and built in bookcases. Let me see if I can dig up a picture of the current space. Although, you'll have to use your imagination because the wall is coming down (mostly)

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This reflects where our dining table will be,which will open off the kitchen once the wall is gone that the fridge is on, currently. You can also see that I have french doors with white paint open off hte kitchen too....I really don't want to have to go and repaint ALL my trim throughout the house *sigh*

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And just for perspective, here is the whole room, that will have new white built-ins around the mantel, with a flat screen above. As you can see, I already have lots of big windows, all have white trim.

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And just for perspective, here is the whole room, that will have new white built-ins around the mantel, with a flat screen above. As you can see, I already have lots of big windows, and they all have white trim.

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I don't think you have much to worry about because the ceiling will always appear a different color (it will seem darker) than the wall coming up to meet it. take home a sample cabinet door and hold it up to a white wall then hold it 90 degrees to the same surface - different effect completely.

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Thanks, detroit burb. It's funny - it never would have concerned me before I started "hanging out" on GW - but every detail here is scrutinized (in a good way - things I would never think of!) so now I'm second guessing my cabinets over all this. It's better to figure it out now then have the cabinets go up and have an "oh Sh&*t" moment realizing my trim and ceiling all need to be changed! .I really do love the creamy cabinets.

Rosy lady - what about your window trim in teh kitchen? Mine are replacement windows (white) so I can't really do anything about those...

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My cabinets are BM Cloud White and walls and ceilings are SW Antique White, which is a darker white. They look good together, contributing to a layered, textured feel. My kitchen, dining and living rooms are open to one another and all walls and ceilings are Antique White. As detroit_burb has said, it looks different on each plane, depending on the time of day and type of light. Right now my living room ceiling looks several shades lighter than the walls, while the kitchen ceiling is way darker. All the same color. Your brain will get it, even though they seem different.

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I agree about the "layered whites" look. I think it looks really nice to have different whites and creams in the same spaces.

The only thing I don't care for is cabinets that go to the ceiling and have the same crown as the rest of the room, and that crown is a different color than the cabs.

If the cabs don't go all the way to the ceiling, then they kind of become their own entity. It's when they are integrated with the room's crown and trim and they are a different color that it looks off to me. But, that is just my personal preference.

In my girlfriend's house she has a very similar color palette to yours. Her family room, which is open and adjacent to the kitchen, is green walls with bright white trim. Her kitchen is cream walls, cream ceiling, and cream trim. It looks fine. The two rooms do have a slightly different feel to them, but that's not a bad thing.

In your case you have a large framed "doorway" between your dining room and kitchen, so you should have no problem doing different trims in each room.

Are your cabs going all the way to the ceiling?

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Yep, cabs are going to the ceiling. I don't have much choice on that because I have low ceilings. So I'm thinking it will be okay if I get the off white cabs (to the ceiling) with white ceiling and white window and door trim?

Also, do you think the table will look weird where it's going? Still not sure I'm used to the idea of moving my dining table to the family room but the plan is to give up our small dining area of the kitchen, to have a much bigger, open kitchen with penninsula (see design photo here) then move the dining table where it is in the photo above. (that is an old talbe we moved there just to see how it looks) Our plan is for a round pedestal table there. I guess I'm just looking for reassurance that it's not weird to have the dining table in the family room...

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I don't think your dining table looks weird in the new spot. It looks like a likely place for a dining room, right next to the kitchen. Maybe you could add something between the family room and dining to give it some separation, like very small little half walls with a post on top, or something like that (I'm not describing that very well!)

As far as trim in the kitchen goes, it looks like there is not crown molding around the entire perimeter of the room, just above the cabinets. I think in that case, the cream crown will be fine.

As far as the door and window casings go, paint them white and if you don't like it, paint them cream:)

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Ohh, great idea Rosy! Love that - you mean like a short little half wall with columns to create a bit of a room division? Oh I love how those look.

Yes, should have specified I'll have no moldings other than above the cabs so cream crown, white window and door casings should be okay. Thank you!

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Paint the ceiling an actual COLOR and it will not only solve your problem, it will give a design boost to the overall room. It doesn't have to be a dark color, although chocolate brown would be perfect with those cabinets. Ceilings are the forgotten wall! Don't forget it, or "just" go with white.

As far as the trim matching/clashing thing. You can use many different whites in a room as long as they have the same undertones and don't clash. And you use enough shades of white so as to make it look deliberate rather than accidental. That does mean multiple shades of white within the same space. And NOT just on the trim and cabinets. You have to take the white down off of the walls and put it into the room as well. White sheers. A white leather chair. A white knit throw. White is a color too, and you have to use it deliberately like a color throughout the room.

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Got it - so a layered white look. I do plan on putting all shades of white pieces into the open shelving on the back wall. (might put glass doors on those for dust) White old fahioned glass milk cbottles, ceramic vases, chunky white mugs, some white stoneware platters, etc. Hopfully that will help tie it all together, too. Thanks, Green Designs!

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I just wanted to agree that Benjamin Moore's Cloud White is one of the happiest whites I have ever used. I just love it.

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My cabinets are cloud white. They definitely read as a white to me rather than a cream but they are not a stark, cold white. I considered a color for the ceiling but I have reached decision overload and bagged out. I went with a ceiling white. It looks fine to me but I am sure that another color would have been nice. My walls are going to be a gray (Alaskan husky) . My cabinets go to the ceiling and the crown is cloud white. I purchased extra crown from my cabinet guy to put around the breakfast area of the room in cloud white as well. I think within the same room the trim needs to match. My room does not open fully to other rooms so I don't have the issue of re-painting all my other trim in the house to match.

Good luck!

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