Laundry detergent for Miele- whites, coloreds, darks etc

gwloloJuly 24, 2013

We usually buy whatever is on sale at Costco. For the new house, we were lucky enough to get a barely used 220v older pair (W1918/ T1515). DH who is our laundry chief would really like to make sure we use the best detergent to give us the cleanest clean and make the clothes last longer. So what do I get to try - do liquid or powder matter?

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I've just spent several months working this out for myself. I found I need both powder and liquid -- they specify liquid for washing jeans f.ex. And I was using a blackwash liquid before that really worked well. Those go into a special cup insert for the detergent drawer.

Mostly I use Persil megaperls, which is a granular detergent. Excellent for whites and general use (though I have left over Tide HE that I use for cleaning rags). Persil does a superb job of whitening alone but with a 1/2 tablespoon of oxyclean in the prewash it's pluperfect for whites.

When a liquid is required -- jeans cycle -- and for some of my clothing I use Caldrea liquid.

For black clothes: Perwoll black wash liquid.
Silk, wool, cashmere: Perwoll Wool & Silk liquid

Amazon has everything and many of the vacuum supply places that sell Miele vacuums sell the Persil and Perwoll (sometimes better prices; no shipping etc). Caldrea has sales occasionally but Amazon and often have it discounted.

None of these is bargain price. I'm fortunate with the Persil that we have soft water so a box lasts me a year. But I the results are very, very good. I've had older clothes look like new after one wash.

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We do have a whole house softener, so soft water is available always for laundry. I read several older threads as well last night.

Here is what I am thinking to try.

Whites - Persil universal megaperls. Do I also need to use a bit of oxyclean?
Coloreds - Persil colors megaperls
Wools and silks - Perwoll wool & delicates
For black and navy - will Perwoll Blacks & darks work better than the Persil Colors?
Fabric softener - I don't want crunchy/ crisp cotton towels. Should I try a fabric softener like Vernal or method?

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That's an excellent line up. Expect you'll be very pleased.

I do my sheets and dishtowels on Sanitary/Hot (a prewash setting) or on Extra White/heavy soil which produces the prewash. I put about 1/2 tb of oxyclean in the prewash slot and detergent in the main. Oxy can suds up with soft water so I had to cut way back beyond anything specified. Ditto on the Persil though with a full load I use 2 tb.

I've forgone the color megaperls in favor of the Caldrea liquid, which I find myself using for colored clothing, lingerie, gowns & robes, DHs pajamas and under garments. I use it for jeans and for his Patagonia shirts which are weird blends. Sometimes I use it for towels -- sometimes the Persil.

Perwool wool & delicates gave me excellent results. I'm devoted.

About to try the Vernel but meanwhile I have some Mrs. Meyers softener. I use a tiny amount and dilute it with water before I put it in the slot. It goes a long way and does a great job. I use softener only on towels.

With soft water I'd approach dosing on the Perwoll black and silk liquid carefully. I've had it produce crazy suds but that may just be my water.

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OK. Purchase done on Amazon. Now to prove to DH that all that insane research and 220v german laundry machine with german detergents will indeed deliver amazing results :)

Thanks all for the guidance :)

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You will love the Persil. I use Ecover Brand Sodium Perborate rather than Oxy-whatever when needed (which probably wont be often for you if you are using universal Megapearls and hot water washes). There are no additives in the Ecover product, unlike Oxy, which may be part of the sudsing problem as mentioned above.

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GW -- I found a real learning curve with the washer. I'm working on a cheat sheet for it so if you have questions once you get going (I didn't find the user manual all that helpful) happy to share.

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Rococogurl - that would be so helpful! I sent you an email.

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Wont get my 3033 installed until I get the tile in which will be about a month from now. I will be looking forward to revisiting this thread then :) Thanks Rococcogurl and Covingtoncat for the information.

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90% of the time, I use Persil MegaPerls for my whites. I do not like the MegaPerls Color for darks, colors and brights...IMO, they seem to not clean very well or de-odorize! Regular Persil MegaPerls is awesome for whites though. I love bleach or oxyclean ever needed. Persil + Extra White Cycle in my Miele W4842, and I have flawless whites!!

As mentioned, several cycles in the Miele (Comforters, Jeans/Denim and Express) require liquid detergent. I really, really like Tide he liquid with a touch of Downy. It smells great, and cleans really beautifully!

For sheets, towels and my son's school clothes, I always end of going back to Original Tide he Powder. It smells AMAZING, and clean virtually anything. It is low sudsing, rinses well and is just a great value!

I ALWAYS use a little fabric softener. I almost always use Downy or Vernel. About a 1/2 cap in the FS designated compartment, mixed with 1 capful of water!

So in a nutshell:

Persil MegaPerls
Tide he liquid with a touch of Downy
Tide Original he Powder
Downy or Vernel FS

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I am super sensitive to chemicals so I use Persil Sensitiv. You don't need too much in a Miele. My clothes last longer and I am no longer itchy. Can't use any fabric softeners or anything with a scent.

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larsi, I am always interested in your laundry choices, so may I please ask you: if you do not use an oxygen bleach because you find the Tide powder to have a sufficient amount; and in the case of the Tide liquid, do you just not feel the need for an oxygen bleach because the enzymes in the liquid are enough to do the cleaning?

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Hi Patann! For my whites or heavily soiled light clothing, I find Tide he Original Powder or Persil Universal Powder to do an awesome job at cleaning, stain removal and smelling light at fresh. For day to day clothes, with light soiling and "normal" stains (little food drops, or some light garden soiling)...I find Tide he liquid are more than enough for cleaning. I use Warm or Very Warm in my Miele W4842 for darks, brights and lights. I use the Extra White Cycle for Whites :) I never, ever need to add any addt'l. oxygen based cleaners or boosters! Hope this helps!

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That really helps. I'm thinking those detergents are probably made to do a complete job -- they never recommend adding anything, and it's probably just a waste of money. I can see adding oxy bleach to Vaska, but not much else. Thank you very much.

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