Detergent with FL washer Tide Persil Dosage etc?

bonesodaJuly 17, 2012

So i have been reading tons of old threads about different detergents and some OCD members which i respect/appreciate. I posted in those threads but looks like they are in the underverse.

My question for my Elux 70 series washer is the type of detergent the dosage etc.

I am currently using tide HE and using recommended dosage with the cup and i love the results.

I wonder about switching to powder based detergent persil or others and perhaps get better results as people had suggested/witnessed that tide he does not rinse out as well.

Also read the thread where a member had stated that tide he and persil are almost same formulation.

Then i do a circle back to see if i should stick to tide he liquid or switch to a powder based detergent... if so which one and waht about dosage... 1tbsp vs recommended 4-6?!

the elux has a huge drum so i wonder...

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Rule of thumb, get rid the 1tbs rule for it does not correspond with your soil level and water conditions. Both liquid and powder detergents will wash well in your Lux and it is best to use the least recommended amount by your detergent MFG. Open the door and check water for slipperiness, this will tell you if you used enough.

Clean rinse can only be achieved by using the least amount of detergents in the wash with the use of warm water rinse to release suds from the fibers of the fabrics. It takes time and practice to find the right combination that is right for you!

Remember towels and cotton hold on to detergent residue more than poly-blended so rinsing is difficult with these type of fabrics.
Other Lux owners will chime in later on.....

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@cleanteamofny: So tide liquid states 1,2,3 depending on load sizes so you are saying i should always use upto level 1 or less?

I am waiting for my persil in the meantime... they recommend dosage in grams should i be halfing that?

Or what you are suggesting is start low and check for slipery water during wash? This trial and error would cause double washing and/or clothes not washed enough which i am trying to avoid. :)

I will give warm rinse a go if that is an option with the elux.


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When I got my LG front loader, I followed the machine's instruction on using powdered detergent, i.e., use the amount recommended by the detergent manufacturer. The repairman who worked on my machine commented that I was using too much detergent. I called LG and the helpline people gave me a different answer than their instruction booklet. They said to use 1 Tablespoon or less. I have been doing that ever since and my clothes are coming out fine.

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"So Tide liquid states 1,2,3 depending on load sizes so you are saying I should always use up to level 1 or less?"

If you're doing a small load, #1 would be best not lower.
Using less will not suspend oil and dirt to be flushed down the drain but ends up on the outer tub and gasket allowing mold to grow!
Not only that, soils in the water will redeposit on clothing making items look dingy, dull or gray.

"What you are suggesting is start low and check for slippery water during wash?"

Always adjust detergent usage according to load size.
You do not have to do this with every load.
By your 4th - 6th load, you will know the balance of clothing to detergent ratio without re-washing!

As for dosage for Persil?
I have no clue because I've never ordered or used this detergent.

If you are using Normal Soil Level and need to add more detergent do so after 5 Min's..
Pause machine and add detergent through the door and change Soil Level to Heavy to add more wash time.

Here is a link that I've posted back in 2009 for proper suds level.

Here is a link that might be useful: Suds Level

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@cleanteamofny: I will try the tide trick, i am using so much less soap my one bottle will probably last me a few months!!

Persil will have to wait, though i may do a load or two to "try" it out.

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@Jmith, I do agree with you that it takes a month or two to repurchase detergents which I love! I go through All Free and Clear within a 2 month period and at the price $13.99 minus a $2.00 coupon at BJ's when available is so easy on the pockets.

I'm a little pissed off with the new Zout pre treater. I had the old Zout in a white plastic container and talk about a old stain remover in a bottle, just awesome, but the new and disapprove formula is weak and dismal. Why do companies change a formula that works and have to add Oxy to it to improve washing performance is beyond me.....

Please keep us posted on your new Lux's and I hope you have trouble free washings for the next 15-20 years.

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