Shirt bleeding in washer

Valerie EmmerichJuly 19, 2013

A few weeks ago, I washed a deep pink/reddish shirt from my 14-year-old daughter in a load of wash. The shirt was relatively cheap but the label said nothing about washing separately, etc. Well, everything came up roses that day - meaning the shirt bled, "ruining" two other garments of hers (actually, I thought they looked cute; sort of tie-dyed) and turning a lot of other stuff pink, too. Very fortunately, it was nothing important that got "pinked" - old pajamas, t-shirts that I exercise in, that kind of thing. OK, so fast forward to today, when I did my white towels with other stuff, some color, some not -- but not that pink shirt, obviously. (I do my white towels with other stuff all the time and it's totally fine). I take the stuff out of the washer (a GE front loader that's always been great) and lo and behold. . . pink towels! (with splotches of extra-pink pink scattered here and there). I am at a total loss to explain this. Included in the load was a deep burgundy dress that's been washed before with no bleeding, no problem (and besides, the towels were really pink, not burgundy). Is there some little gremlin in my washer, storing up this pink dye to release when he's in a bad mood?! I'm afraid to wash my other white towels; or, I will do so with ONLY white stuff. Any ideas what could've caused this? Thanks!

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Burgundy, diluted=pink. Wash only whites with whites. Light/Medium colors with light/medium colors. Darks with dark. That is how I have always done it. Sometimes I separate the lights from medium tones. But usually lights and mediums go together in my loads. But Whites always with Whites, no ifs ands or buts :)

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Darker reds of any shade will almost always run, no matter how many times they have been washed. Even some detergents cause dyes to run, where some will not. For best results, you should be sorting more carefully. Whites from colors, and towels alone. I would probably run the washer empty with a little bleach to flush out any possible dyes that might be remaining in the machine.

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