Electrolux discontinuing IQ Touch 55 series?

pinegroveJuly 25, 2013

I would like an Electrolux FL with handwash option. Comparing the 70 and 55, since the 60 does not offer this feature.

The Electrolux 55, in Mediteranean Blue caught my eye bc the controls are nearly identical to what I have now and I like the color. However, it appears to be a discontinued modeled...EIFLS55IMB (washer) /EIFLW55HMB (dryer).

Our local appliance guy offered it to us. Should I be leary? He needs to order it.

Wondering if this is truely a viable option or if I should just go with the Wavetouch.

Is it a bad idea to buy a discontinued model if it is still available for sale?

Which model replaced this one?

Thank you so much :-)

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They are probably phasing out certain models to make way for the new models coming out later this year.

If you really want the features of the 55 series then don't worry about it being discontinued.
All the machines use the same parts it just with different models you'll get different features/cycles i.e. wash cycles, spin speeds etc.

I have heard people loving their WaveTouch.

I don't think there is a model that is replacing the discontinued 55 model.

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Thank you. Do you know where I would find information on new models? I tried Googling, but have not found anything.

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I found this:

May 25, 2013

*Time Manager front-load washing machines that are designed to be gentler on clothes and the environment by offering customisable wash times based on soil level, and Vapour Action that relaxes fabric and eliminates up to 99.9% allergens; and

No pictures though.


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There's no leaked info. on the forthcoming models.

I've searched myself and have not seen anything as of yet.

I'm dieing to know what Electrolux is coming up with.

I know the European models use the "Time Manager" feature but that hasn't shown up on the American versions yet (if ever).

It's the old waiting game for the next best thing.

I myself, I'm waiting for Verizon to offer the HTC One and for Riccar to offer their next generation canister vacuum.

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I've read that the 55 series does not have the recirculating water jet. I like the one in my washer, I can see that it distributes the water more evenly.

Also, the 70 series (and possibly the others as well) allows you to choose the time that the washer runs by adjusting between "minimum", "light", "normal", "medium", "heavy" and "maximum" soil levels, so this time manager feature sounds pretty much like that. Also, "vapor action" sounds an awful lot like "steam", which is also available on the washer. The allergen cycle gives an extra good rinse and boosts the temperature on the wash.

I'm interested in seeing what they're coming out with, but what was mentioned above doesn't sound new.


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Time Manager has been around for 2+ years ever since Kenmore had two Lux models in its range. For example:

The Kenmore Elite 4110 has Time Managerâ¢, which saves up to 30% more time by shortening wash times while keeping all segments of the washing process and getting your clothes clean.


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The link above refers to Electrolux South-East Asia, not Electrolux North America. Here's one of the washers. It's a 24" model:

Here is a link that might be useful: http://www.electrolux.com.sg/Products/Ranges/Ranges/Time-Manager/

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