Heat Pump vibrating noise

colton45November 19, 2008

Have a 4T Carrier HP and it has been doing a great job keeping us warm in KC. However, I am getting a "droning noise" that goes thru the house every once in a while, and it gets worse the colder it gets. HVAC guy said that the line set was clamped to the joists, which is why I am getting a vibration noise. Does this sound correct, and what can I do to fix it? I'm thinking I should set my emergency heat to 35 or 40 and use the furnance at the lower temps.... Thanks.

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Your HVAC guy is likely correct. Is the noise constant when the unit is running? To fix it you'd have to get to the source of the problem. Two 90-degree elbows in the refrigerant lines should help, but that's a lot of work (AND money) just to lessen the vibration. Changing your furnace switchover point may not be economical, but that is an option.

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Is the noise only on occasion? some units are noisier during the defrost cycle....

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Colton, I feel your pain. My Carrier does the same thing. Once I notice the thruming it sticks in my head. Doesn't do it on cool. Systems works well, but the vibration bugs the hell out of me!

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Thanks for the feedback. Per cuffs054 post I tried it with the A/C only and it worked great. The HVAC company(really good guys) came out and put all the dampening tools they had on the HP and it still makes that noise on heat only. Am I being a too picky noise freak-- or is my concern legit? Do other HP manufactureres have this problem? Why the hell does it make that noise only in heat mode!!??

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colton45.. I have a couple of new heat pump systems at the house, and this past week when we got our first "cool" spell, I fired those babies up. They worked great, nice and warm, however I noticed that with one of the units I kept hearing a "hum" or vibration sound. It was pretty noticeable in the downstairs den as well as up the upstairs bedroom ( the bedroom is located right over the den ) Anyway the system has a 2 speed motor and it seemed like when the system kicked in to "high" the vibration got louder. Had my hvac contractor come out to look at it and he seemed to think it was no big deal at all. He said that my new systems ( using the new refrigerant ) operate at higher pressures so as the pressure built up, that caused some vibration in my copper lines ( 2 of them ) that run from the condensor thru the back wall. He also mentioned something about anywhere a line could be touching a joist. He told me that he thought the best solution was to use some sort of vibration damper device. He had one on his truck, it appears to be copper and is about 12 inches long and has some "flex" to it. He says once he got the other part, he would cut my copper lines and install these "vibra- something or another " (can't remember what he called it but it did start wit "vibra") anyway he said since he would have to cut the lines he would recapture the freon, install these "vibra" devices and then recharge the system. When I asked him what was the probability that this "fix" would work, he said " guarantee it. Guess I'll find out later this week if it works or not. So far this contractor has been great, old school, great customer service. Roland

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Please let me know how it went and if this vibra-thing worked. I don't know what to do about this issue. For any HVAC owners out there what are the chances of me requesting taking this HP unit back and just installing a hermetic compressor central air unit like the one i had? Is this a possible solution or will the contractor refuse to do so? Thanks.

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Your HP is a hermetic compressor central air conditioner. Disabling the heat mode is not a big deal.

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Guinessses- How is is that the HP is a hermetic compressor central air conditioner, yet has a scroll compressor in it? I would like to understand this if you could please explain further. Thanks for the info.

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"He says once he got the other part, he would cut my copper lines and install these "vibra- something or another " (can't remember what he called it but it did start wit "vibra")..." Roland
Roland... Please give us the latest on your "vibra" repair for the vibration noise. I am about to call my Carrier people to check out this 'droning' noise I get every so often. The noise gets me a bit nasious... Hope it can be fixed.
Let us know... Gary

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How is is that the HP is a hermetic compressor central air conditioner, yet has a scroll compressor in it? I would like to understand this if you could please explain further.Hermetic simply means air-tight, sealed-system refrigeration. Some units have a piston compressor, some have scroll. That's not specific to whether it's a heat pump or only for cooling. A compressor is a compressor is a compressor, pretty much, in regards to function.

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Gary & Colton 45...

Roland here... still waiting on my contractor to get out here and install those vibration dampering components.. called his office last wednesday and was told the parts ( 2 of them ) had not come in. I'm hopeful that they will be here this week. My 5 ton unit is directly outside the back wall of my den and the hum is about to drive me nuts.. When I asked my contractor what the odds were that this would be the "fix" and not merely just something that would help alleviate the vibration, he told me that he felt sure that this would "remedy" the problem. As soon as he gets them in line I'll get back to you and let you know exactly what they were called and whether or not they worked.... hang in there.


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Just had a Lennox XP14 HP installed (with plenum heater and propane as backup). Unfortunately, the noise aspects didn't register until too late. They installed HP in same location as previous AC unit, but didn't think about fact that AC isn't running all night like HP is now doing. Fan noise and also some of the vibration you folks are talking about. I'm not overly pleased since one of the reasons we changed systems from 10 yr old fuel oil unit (aside from fuel oil cost) was the noise of the blower unit. In any case, I'm open for any/all suggestions to reduce noise....I won't be getting much sleep and dread the expense of moving the unit, if that is even feasible with length of run with a move. Wondering if this unit has two stages and gets noiser when colder, and/or if defrost cycles are colder. We're in SE Minnesota, and starting to dip into 5 - 15 F range at night. Thanks for any insight. Will keep my eyes peeled for how your anti-vibration stuff turns out. I'm wondering if some sort of 'noise deflector' can be made (we're out in woods, so no concern w/ aethetics).

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Hello guys... I know several of you are waiting to see the results I have with my vibration dampering device my contractor is supposed to install on my units. Just wanted to let you know I haven't forgotten about you. Contractor called Friday and wanted to come out Monday and install the devices to the line but unfortunetly due to work schedule I had to put him off this time. He's currently scheduled to come out a week from monday on the 22nd. I'll let you know a day or so after that how ( or if ) it works. keeping my fingers crossed...If you prefer you can just email me directly at Rpfing@aol.com


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ok guys, finally got the vibration absorbers installed on my freon lines today.. unfortunetly not very cold here tonight so the unit's not running alot. If you'll remember before I said there was a very loud Hum and vibration noise coming from a 5 ton hp. I first noticed the hum when I was sitting in the Den watching tv one night. ( please note the heat pump unit is located right outside the den so I wasn't that surprised that I could hear this hum in the den.. but when I went upstairs the hum was very noticeable in a spare bedroom and adjoining bathroom. So today my contractor comes out and installs 2 vibration absorbers on my freon lines..( 2 different sizes ) one is made by Mars ( motors and armatures inc ) the other is made by a company called "Packless" ( see thier website @ http://www.packless.com/splash.html. Once you get to the homepage, click on the logo, then on vibration absorbers for more details ) Anyway they have been installed and I can honestly say I notice a difference. Is the hum completely gone? well the answer to that is not completely downstairs in the den, but it does seem to be much better..In fact with the television on it is hardly noticeable. And my wife says I'm being Anal about it saying she can't hear anything but the unit ( which again, is located on the other side of the wall ) running. It is slight so she may be right, and of course that's a good thing. I can tell you there is a world of difference upstairs in the spare bedroom and adjoining bathroom. Hardly noticeable at all. In addition to installing the vibration absorbers my contractor also ran a metal rod down into the ground and then tied the freon lines to the rod to help divert vibration away from the house and down into the soil. so the big question is did this help? The answer is very much so...and if my wife is right, and all I'm now hearing in the den is the hp unit itself running, then it worked 100 %. But even in the worse case, it has helped tremendously. HOpe this helps you guys... Good luck with it and by the way... Merry Christmas


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Hi Roland / all.

I am having the same issue with my HVAC unit. I only hear the hum/vibration when the heat kicks on (doesn't happen with the AC). The drone/hum is so loud that it actually vibrates a picture hanging on the wall in my bathroom! I am about ready to call in the HVAC repair guy. For Roland: would you mind letting us know about how much this vibration fix ended up costing you? I want to make sure I have the funds available to cover such a repair before I call in the HVAC repairman.

Thank you very much.

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Larry... the cost to me for this repair was nothing. My contractor said he considered it as something that needed to be fixed from the installation. The fact that the heat pumps were just installed in late september has something to do with that. Not to mention my contractor is very old school... good customer service.. not necessarily the cheapest guy in town, but you can depend on him to do right by you.. He's one of those guys thats been in business 20 to 25 years and not only owns the company, but does his own installs and repairs. Good guy. As far as what your contractor might charge, I wouldn't think it would be too much, the parts don't look to be anything very expensive... I'm sure in my case Lennox paid my guy for the parts and his time out here. Good Luck.


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Hi - I just joined on the odd chance that rpfingsten might reply to my question. I'm having the same hp vibration problem, and this thread is the best source of information I've been able to find after googling away for an hour.

Specifically I'm looking for more detail on the Mars vibration absorber described above. I've been able to find good info on the Packless products, but not much on the Mars.

I see that the Packless product installs "inline" with the copper tubing. Can you describe what the Mars product does?

Thanks very much for the original post, and thanks again if you respond to this one.

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