Moving laundry to basement??

bert76July 27, 2012

After nearly five years of dealing with a loud and possibly damaging laundry area on the second story (no floor drain, unstable flooring), I'm considering moving the laundry to the basement until we can afford a proper remodel where I'd have an actual laundry room.

Right now, the washer and dryer are stuck in two holes in the wall up on rickety platforms right at the top of the stairs where I think the master bath tub used to be. It was done this way sometime in the 70s based on the yellow vinyl on the platform floors.

With four young kids, the hallway is just a jumble of dirty and clean laundry at all times because there is zero storage beyond having laundry baskets on top of the washer and dryer.

What are the things I need to consider when putting a laundry in the basement, besides the obvious of hauling laundry up and down stairs?

Half of the basement is unfinished so I have access to pipes and floor drain. Can the washer simply discharge into the floor drain? The laundry can go right next to the drain in the unfinished area.

Or, I can extend the basement bathroom and have the laundry off the bath (right under the kitchen). I presume since it's under the kitchen in a currently unfinished area I'd have access to water coming in, but I'm not sure where it would drain. Obviously, there's a stack in the bath, and the toilet would be closest to the laundry.

Any and all thought are appreciated.

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The washer discharge hose has to be a certain height above the floor, so you would need a raised pipe feeding into the drain. Other than the obvious hot and cold feeds and proper wiring, that's the only thing I can think of that might be overlooked. A running washing machine on a cement floor is a nice sight to behold if you have had to put up with bouncing floors upstairs. Hauling clothes is no fun, however; my wife makes me do it.

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I just moved my laundry to the basement from the kitchen and am so, so happy. My basement is also partially finished and the plumber just tapped into the existing pipework to get H and C and then drained right out the sewer line. I also put in a laundry sink, which he connected in the same way. I suggest contacting your trusted plumber or two and having them give you their ideas. They will easily be able to see where the pipes and drain will go.

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