Frigidaire washer and dryer, review please!

momomomoJuly 27, 2010

hi owners of frigidaire W/D,

I suddenly realized that only Frigidaire ones can get in to our basement due to small door access to basement. I have been research only whirpool and maytag. Please share your pro and con about your W/D with your model. I am so glad that I noticed before I buy W.D. thank you!!

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My husband bought one w/ electric dryer and front load HE washer five years ago when we were separated. It's still going strong, but I don't like it. My cotton tees even with pre-treatment and hot water don't get clean. Just today I tried some laundry additive but results were still disappointing. This may be more of an effect of HE than the specific machine. I'm glad we're saving water and energy, but still I miss being able to SOAK things.

That being said, I find both happy and unhappy reviews online. From what I've read if you have an option you should buy an extended warranty. Repair parts when needed are expensive.

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PattyBee, does your machine not have a soak option? Many frontloaders do. Soaking doesn't necessarily mean the clothes must be immersed/floating in a tub of water, they just need to be saturated/wet with detergent solution for a period of time.

HE does not by itself necessarily equal poor performance. I've been using an HE toploader for two years and it cleans very well. There are other related factors that come into play, such as detergent dosing, local water conditions, and even sorting and cycle selection. You don't say what kind of detergent you use and at what dosage amount. Perhaps you're not using enough, or too much? If you've got five years of dinginess accumulated, it won't clear up in just one wash with an additive.

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Here's a very good review of the new Frigidaire front loader pair. The New Frigidaires: Home At Last!

HTH, Alex

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I wouldn't recommend Frigidaire. I purchase a washer and dryer set and was instantly dissatisfied. I only bought it cause i got a great deal on them but I'm not happy at all. :( I would get a LG.

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Front Loading Frigidaire is a good machine. Front loading washers are all expensive to repair regardless of the brand. I have repaired several of them and find that they are no more or less brand dependent. Frigidaire by the way makes front loaders for Kenmore, and GE. Believe it or not. I think that they are good.

Here is a link that might be useful: What Kind of Washing Machine Should I Buy

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Well...everything I read,...can best be "Fridge - u - Dare. I would recommend Whirlpool if it can fit. But whatever you buy, get the extended warranty offered by Lowes.

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I've had a Frigidaire FL washer and dryer for about 4 years. I hated it almost as soon as I bought it. It did not get my white clothes white, even when I used hot water and added bleach. I tried using "green" laundry detergents at first, but finally gave up and switched to HE liquid Tide. I use very little detergent, but still have to run each load through an additional rinse/spin to get the soap out.

Now my Frigidaire FL reeks with an odor that I can't get rid of. My clothes started coming out of the washer with the same odor. The smell permeates the laundry room and wafts down the hall to the rest of the house if I don't close the laundry room door.

To combat this pervasive odor, I've towel-dried the door seal, and left the door slightly ajar so it could air out. I've run the washer through empty cycles with ammonia and hot water, alternating with cycles of bleach and hot water. Nothing worked. Tonight I bought Affresh tablets which are supposed to take away that odor, but, you guessed it, it is still there, albeit not quite as strong.

In my opinion, the new energy efficient washers/dryers are not worth all that hassle--and I doubt whether I've even cut back on water usage because of all those extra 'empty' loads I've run through the washer trying to get the odor out.

I've finally had it and am giving up on the Frigidaire brand specifically and all FL washers in general. I'm now looking for a good old-fashioned TL washer that uses more, not less, water! I want clean clothes, and a clean smelling washing machine!

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