Repair or replace: Maytag A712 timer?

cloudy_christineJuly 4, 2010

Hello. I've been reading here because I planned to buy a new washer to replace the currently dead Maytag A712, but now am having second thoughts. I do not love the Maytag at all; it's been shredding things with the slit-fin agitator since I bought it, I think 10 or 12 years ago. The problem: the tub filled, and apparently the cycle advanced, since it the pointer ended up at the end of the cycle after the one I set it to, but nothing happened -- no agitation and no draining. It was ticking but doing nothing. My husband somehow got it to drain (I couldn't).

Is the problem likely with the timer only, or the timer motor too? With labor costs, does it make sense to fix it?

The reasons we may want to: we'd have to move a lot of stuff in the cellar to get a new one delivered, and, not having lovely expensive new things may be a good idea since we have some plans to fix up the cellar. The thought of moving the fancy front-loader we would get is kind of daunting. Seemed clear that we shouldn't put money into the old machine, but maybe....

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We did call a repairman, and there's nothing wrong with the timer. Two of the buttons were slightly depressed, and it stopped the thing from working. Dumb! He's changing the belts while he's here, and we'll be good to go.

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Built to last! Great to hear that's all it was.

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Yeah! Happy ending! Now we just have to figure out the shredding.

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