Which one Rheem should I pick?

punapatNovember 15, 2011

I have quote for Rheem Ac and heating...I need to replace it..

option 1


13 sheer

2 ton

1 stage

condenser model# 13AJN24

coil model # RCFL24

80% efficiency

heating capacity 50,000 BTU

1 stage

multi speed fan

furnace model#RGPSos


Option 2)


16 sheer energy star

cooling capacity 2 ton

condenser Model # 14AJM24

coil model #RCFN24

Heating Effiency 80%

energy star

heating capacity 50,000 BTU

2 stage heating

fan: variable speed

$5250 - 700 rebate = $4550

This is for 2 bedroom condo 1300 sqft..

Is it what price shoud be?

which should I pick?

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Are these two quotes from the same contractor? If not, I would get at least three quotes. Once you get quotes on the same equipment from other contractors, you will answer your own question - are these reasonable prices?

Price really becomes irrelevant when it comes to HVAC install, when comparing units (apples to apples). The install is and always will be first and foremost.

If this quote is from one contractor, did he/she do a load calculation do determine proper size? If not, I would be searching for another contractor quickly!

The REAL question is - which CONTRACTOR should I choose.

Choose the one with whom you feel most comfortable, and answers ALL your questions.

Good luck!

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