Persil versions - confused again ...

livebetterJuly 16, 2010

As I've stated in previous posts, I cannot handle the scent of any of the Persil "regular" versions (I've tried Megaperls Universal and Color and the Color Gel).

I have been very happy with the Sensitive Megaperls version for my whites. I have been trying to find a Sensitive version to use for colors.

I went to a German grocery store today in search of the Sensitive Gel version which, according to the Persil site, is for colors. Instead, I found a powder version of Sensitive for colors. The package has a mother and baby on it. It is 50 loads/5 kg.

I don't see anything on their site about a sensitive powder version for colors??

Anyone know a link for more information about this item? I purchased it but all package info is in German and/or other languages I can't read.

Thanks for any insight.

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I will admit that Persil can have a very strong odor when you first purchase it. What I do is put the box out on a shelf in the garage for a few weeks. The odor decreases signifigantly to tolerable levels.
It then has a nice pleasant scent that won't knock you off of your feet.

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I have tried "airing" out the Persil but that didn't seem to reduce the scent enough for me.

I did one load last night with this new Sensitive Powder for Colors. It smells just like the Sensitive Megaperls Universal - which is nice as the smell is much softer than regular Persil and it seems to dissipate more quickly.

I am used to the Megaperls dosing (which on my package is also in English). This powder version has no English on the package so IÂm just trying to figure things out.

The dosing seems to recommend (for a 4-5 kg load or washer?)
142 ml of powder for a normal soil load washed in 0 - 20° dH or
180 ml of powder for a normal soil load washed in >20° dH.

I used about 1/2 cup which is approx 120 ml. I think this was too much for me. I will reduce it slightly more next time. There were a small amount of suds left at the bottom of the glass door (just a few) and the smell was a little stronger than normal with the Megaperls.

It seemed to clean well and the laundry came out soft without FS.

I have moderately hard/hard water (8.63 grains/Imp gallon) and my machine is a 9 year old Frigidaire Gallery (which I think is 3.1 CF). I am getting new machines this fall  yeah  maybe Miele after all the rave reviews here :)

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Whoa, you are using too much Persil. We have 9 grains in our water and we use 75ml of Persil for very dirty clothing and 50 ML for lightly soiled clothing.
Remember, you usually won't see more than a bubble or two on the window glass in wash mode. But the detergent IS working.

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180 ml sounds like regular Persil, not Megaperls. For a normally soiled load in medium hard/soft water you are looking at 85 ml, or 6 tablespoons with Megaperls. Miele's web site indicates to add an additional 45 ml (3 TBS) if you have a larger 7-8kg machine, which is your typical large American style front loader. I have a whole house water softener and use 3 TBS for a full 8 kg load in my Miele W4842. Sometimes I will add 2 TBS of sodium percarbonate to that when I want extra whitening.

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dualred and sshrivastava, are you talking about regular Persil or Megaperls?

I have the Megaperls Sensitive and I use about 30 - 45 ml depending on load size/dirt (that seems to work perfect for me).

This new Sensitive for Colors is a powder not Megaperls. I assume that would be regular Persil. The package seems to have countries like Bulgaria, Russia and Hungary on it. No German that I can tell. See my link to the exact package on the Persil Bulgaria site.

IÂm thinking ¼ cup should be enough  roughly 60 ml for a regular load? The half cup (120 ml) was definitely too much. But based on what the instructions said I was under dosing?

Anyway, not sure what IÂm using here since I canÂt read any of the information but it seems to clean well. When I reduce the dose the fragrance wonÂt be too strong which will be better (it was definitely too strong with the ½ cup).

I picked up some NellieÂs the same day and IÂm trying that for colors too. I was trying to find a detergent with no optical brighteners that I like (cleans without too much scent). The NellieÂs seems to be cleaning well  although time will tell Â

Here is a link that might be useful: Persil Sensitive Powder - Bulgaria

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This is the best site I have found. They alos have Persil Gold and Persil Scan system, all new to me.

Here is a link that might be useful: Persil Website (English)

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After looking at the German Persil site ( and doing some google translations, it seems Persil Gold comes in two versions - Megaperls and regular powder. The dosage is about 50% higher with powder versus the Megaperls. If your box does not say Megaperls, then it is not the concentrated version of that product.

Using 1/2 the recommend dosage is a good place to start. Adjust up or down according to wash results.

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Hello all, I'm new here and a cerfitied laundry freak. I'm so bad I go on youtube to watch videos of different washers in action.I've had my Whirlpool duets for about 8 years or so,and I live in the DFW area(Dallas) I've been lurking here for a while now and finally decided to join today to ask about this Persil I've read so much about.
I would like to give it a shot and see if I get the results many of you here have experienced, but would like to know if anyone in my area knows of a store where I can purchase it locally instead of buying online. Some of you can be brutal in your responses, so I ask that you please be gentle.
Have a great day everyone... :)

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I don't know if it's sold around the Metroplex. Maybe a German store may have it. I just bought some online, no taxes and free shipping. At HTH

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