just got an electrolux pedestal for my washer and...

fastonetimeJuly 5, 2012

I love it. Makes the washer so tall. I have a question for all electrolux owners and fridgidair. My washer shakes a tiny bit during the ram up spin cycle? Doesn't walk and is virtually still during the rest of the spin. Does your electrolux washer shake a bit during spin ram up on the pedestal? ? Thanks . I am new to pedestals

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Hi; welcome to the world of non-bending over laundry ;-) Everything right at waist/chest level for me and the drawers are so spacious, just love it!

In answer to your question about the shaking. Yes, mine does the very same thing, it will "wobble" a little upon ramping up to full spin speed. It seems like they're made so any vibration stays within the machine and doesn't transfer through the legs to the floor because with our old Kenmore HE3t, the whole house would feel and sound like a jet was taking off over the house and with the Electrolux, we really don't feel anything except with really heavy loads. Our washer is off of the kitchen with wood floor, so you know, if there was/is a lot of vibration, it will go right through the floor.

I can't imagine having a FL without the pedestal - enjoy!

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I have both my Miele FL and dryer on pedestals. The pedestals are braced together at floor level, so that the washer cannot walk away. There is some sort of bar that is bolted to each pedestal. I don't know if Electrolux has this feature, but if this continues to be a concern for you, you might look into a pedestal for your dryer and see if they can be bolted together. Something to think about.

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It should not vibrate or wobble at all as long as ALL Footing is planted on the floor and tightening screws are in place.
Do a large load of towel and use the minimum spin speed and adjust footing accordingly.

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Hi there. I must have leveled the machine 5 times. I got it better but not perfect. Heavier loads are more noticeable in pre spin, but during the whole 1400 spin the washer is really still. Even when it wasn't on a pedestal it did have movement during pre spin, it just seems to be added movement due to the pedestal, it doesn't vibrate at all oj the pedestL though I can live with that. The pedestal holds 6 100fl tide bottles and I love that! Even with all those bottles the drawer slides so smooth with no lag
I'm very glad to have the pedestal, plus its made the washer tall and I like that too!

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@fastonetime - the location of your laundry area might have something to do with your problem. A friend of mine has a lot of trouble with their TOL Whirlpool Duet FL shaking, rattling, and walking because the laundry room is in the center of the house, causing a trampoline effect. My FL salesman told me this when I asked about vibration in FLs prior to buying ours.

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Does your washer have the feet on or off ontop of the pedestal? I read the install instructions and it says to take the feet off before placing on the pedestal.. my feet. Were left on the pedestap so today I removed the feet and reinstalled the pedestal but it sttill shakes during pre spin. The instructions state that there will be a rocking back and fourth movement due to the center of gravity and the pedestal being so high. So I've comee to accept the extra movement. Heavier loads are more shakey during pre spin!

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I don't know about the feet. I had it installed by the store from which I bought it. Sorry.

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Mine shakes a little on the ramp up, but as soon as it gets up to any amount of real speed, it's perfectly still. Cleanteam, are you saying that it shouldn't vibrate at all during the entire spin, including ramp up?


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Cj can I email you a videi of mine to compare with yours?

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Sure! I'd like to see how they compare. I'll let you know.
I received your email via Gardenweb, so that apparently works.

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