Walls with cut-outs: what do you think and can you share a photo?

melle_sactoJanuary 14, 2010

I'm in the market to ask my DH to build an interior wall for our piano. Someone suggested we add cut-outs to the wall, and I like the idea b/c I think it will make the wall more interesting.

Firstly, I'm wondering what other people think of walls with cut-outs in them? Does it enhance the wall or just look weird?

I'm also looking for some examples of walls w/cut-outs in them so I can get a better idea of how the cut-outs work from a design and function perspective. I linked the original thread below if you are interested. Thanks :-)


Here is a link that might be useful: discussion

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I browsed the thread you posted, I think you mean "pass thru"? Like a 36" high cut out?
I have several "cutouts" in my home that serve NO purpose except to add architectual interest to an otherwise high wall which has a support beam in it.

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No exactly sure what you mean by cut outs, but if they are pass throughs as nicole suggests, while they look nice, IMO they would be dust collectors to me, especially if they are out of reach.

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I didn't know what they were called; I definitely meant pass through--thanks nicole! Maybe that's why I couldn't find many images when I googled wall cut-outs ;-) roseabby, you make a good point about the dust; I hadn't considered it would act that way.

Nicole I think your pass through looks great--gives a sense of airiness and space. Do you find it to be a dust collector?

My wall would not be as high or wide as nicole's, and I imagine that the ledge would be low enough for me to dust w/o trouble (better, for my 5 year old to dust!). What I'm afraid of is that the pass through would end up looking silly b/c I don't know if it would really have a point.

Specifically, here's some photos from the other thread where I used MS Paint to add a wall. Would this wall benefit from a pass through?


With wall. The top of the wall would not follow the angle of the LR ceiling, it would be a regular 8 ft wall b/c that's how the ceiling is:

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If I remember from your other thread, this wall is basically being built to have a place to move your piano. I honestly wouldn't build the wall much taller than the height of the piano. I think a shorter wall will keep this from looking too cramped... I like the open look but the half wall will serve a purpose. Can you PS a half wall and see what that does?

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Yes the wall would be expressly for us to move the piano; secondarily it would provide a bit more intimate feeling in the LR, I think... My wall-drawing skills are poor, and they aren't the same length in both pics >:-/ but you get the gist :-)

I added in a half wall here:

I tried a wall with a pass through here:

I do not love the open look for our house floor plan, but it is what it is. I kind of like the pass-through look.

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What is that door on the left? Can you post a picture from the fireplace looking out?

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Mello, I like the bottom drawing, but I think you piano is probably higher than that. If you mark the piano height on the door, you could get a more accurate idea of how it would look (I assume you want the opening in wall slightly higher than piano top). Remember that the wall cannot actually be that close to the door frame, as you need room for studs, and also for the door knob not to crash into the wall. You might experiment with opening top at same height as opening into kitchen/dining area, for a more cohesive look.

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The door on the left is our garage door. Here is a photo from the fireplace looking out of the LR--note the you cannot see the garage door from this angle but it is immediately around the corner of the LR wall on the right:

The idea is to extend the short wall on the right of the room so we can turn the piano and not have it share the wall w/the tv.

It definitely makes sense to have the wall opening height match the other wall opening...my pics w/wall drawings were just "quick and dirty" ;-)

Also, the piano is a spinet so, when the music holder part it up, it's only ~40 inches high. But I'm sooo glad you guys are thinking about this stuff b/c the more clear and detailed idea I can get for the wall the better I will know whether or not it will work.

I do plan to fabricate a cardboard wall and actually try living with it--just need to get enough cardboard together ;-)

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I know our house used to have a wall in the place I'm envisioning a wall; the POs removed all the interior walls in the entry that divided up the three rooms.

I guess I thought DH could put back something that used to be there, but maybe it won't work. I do agree that the wall would inhibit opening the garage door somewhat, but we already have that issue w/the front door and coat closet at right angles to each other...

Here's a photo of the door situation. At the bottom of the far right, you can see where the wall next to the garage door goes around the corner into the LR:

Honestly I am frustrated with the entry and LR and the fact that we have nowhere aesthetically pleasing to put the piano. :-(

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I'm not really very good at visualizing this type of thing, but is it possible to do columns instead of a wall? I think a column, maybe square similar to pps7 above, would give you the suggestion of a wall, without closing off your room. You could still place the piano on the other side of the column.

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holleygarden Zone 8, East Texas

I like the pass through wall that you photoshopped, and the one that pps7 posted. I think the full wall shuts it off too much and the pass through gives it a little 'breathing room' and interest. I like it a lot better than the half wall.

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Instead of going through all the effort of trying to fabricate a cardboard wall, etc., why don't you go ahead and turn the piano now....Then, live with it for several days to see how you like it? If so, then try fabricating something.

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melle_sacto....:0) My cutouts are more a "freak show" to give the house "drama". :0)

I think any time you can open up an existing wall in a small space you should, not build a wall. JMO :0)

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Thank you for the photos--I think all the pass-thrus look appropriate and add interest to the space.

nicole--I, too, would have thought it best to open up an existing wall in a small space if possible. I just don't know what else to do give the constraints of not being able to move the tv and the dimensions of the room, etc.

In my other thread, many suggested putting the tv in the corner. I know my DH will not move the tv, so even though that's a great idea it won't happen.

I guess I just need to think about it some more and play around w/a diagram. I'm not very creative when it comes to this stuff.

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I meant to add that I am very afraid to move the piano w/o a wall in place; I can totally see my DH slamming the garage door into the piano. He loves to come bursting through that door :-/

It totally makes sense to try it that way, though. Certainly would be the easiest thing to do :-)

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Regarding your husband opening the garage door into the piano - go to Lowe's, Home Depot or the like and buy one of those door stoppers that goes on the door hinge. You can adjust them so the door will only open as far as you want it too. Install that first, test it out, and then move the piano.

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Hmmm, I'm not feeling it.

What if you use the sofa to define the space and place it where you want to put the wall (facing the fireplace). Put the chair and ottaman in the corner by the windows. The tv to the left of the fireplace where the white cabinet is and the piano where the sofa is right now.

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I thought about using the sofa as your "wall" too, but unless you put it in the corner by the garage door you wouldn't have enough room to walk into the room. That wouldn't be the best place for TV viewing either.
So what if you bring it out to the edge of the carpet on the wall it's at now and put the chair angled toward the TV next to the sofa, but not right in the corner so you can still access the windows? This may look like a galley kitchen, but for the space you have and the limits your hubby and the piano have placed in your way it might just work.

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Well, I'm not sure my DH will move the tv due to it's mounted on the wall and if we put it into the corner where do all the components go? We have too much in there, that's my feeling. Too much w/too little wallspace. Plus the sofa/chair are too big for the room.

I'm not really feeling the added wall, either. With or without the pass-thru OR just a pony wall. I think it will make the room seem small.

I'm trying to fit a round peg into a square hole w/this situation I think. Even building a wall isn't really the answer plus I know my husband doesn't really want to do it. I feel like giving up. Thanks for reading along and offering suggestions, but I'm going to stop thinking about it for now. Maybe I'll re-post when/if I have a new inspiration.

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Melanie, that might be the best thing to do. Sometimes that's when the solution just pops into our heads. Like when you can't find something. When your mind is one sometime else and you're not so caught in the craziness of finding what needs to be found you find it.
Good luck and just go hug your boys. Well, if they're not in bed. If they are just go blow them kisses.

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Thanks :-) They are still up but LO will be on his way to dreamland soon.

Maybe I will focus on trying to get a smaller chair for now. I was thinking of seeing if anyone on CL is interested in setting up a trade...

Anyway, I do appreciate everyone's thoughts...I'm going to look through the interior decorating books and come back to this later.

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Would it be possible for the piano go in another room such as the DR? It really doesn't look as if there is enough space to turn it as it will stick out in the room too far.

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Thanks for the thought but our house doesn't have a dining room--it has a large eat-in kitchen w/no wall space for a piano. That's it for the public areas, then three small bedrooms and two small baths. :-)

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You're welcome Melanie. Good luck with the search.

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