Zucchini Flowers

ed1315June 8, 2014

With the garden doing well this year, I thought I would look up some new zucchini recipes. I was amazed to run across a zucchini flower recipe, then another and then more! Most of them were Italian and I love Italian.
Has anyone here tried preparing them?

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I know that some people stuff them and then bake or fry them. I've seen recipes for cheese stuffed flowers. However, I usually just dip the flowers in a pancake-like batter and fry them. That's how my Greek grandmother did it, so when I make the flowers, it reminds me of her.

Have fun, no matter what recipe you use.

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I've put them in soups or stews, they soften fast.

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I only grow zucchini for the flowers...
I'll look for some photos and post a recipe.
Really good and i don't fry them.

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Delicious in quesadillas.

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Fabulous stuffed with goat cheese and lightly battered/fried.

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Easy recipe: Wash flower, dip in beaten egg, shake and dip into some flour. Fry lightly and enjoy.

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CA Kate

I was just out checking on the Pot Garden and realized I have quite a few zucchini plants. I also noticed all the large, perfect blossoms, and remembered this thread.

Questions: when does one pick the blossoms for cooking; and, if the little squash is attached, do you just cook it along with the blossom?

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If you want squash, leave the female blossoms (with the baby squash at the base) and a few male blossoms (just a stem at the base). Pick the other males for cooking.

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The pic posed above is a female...has the small zuc attached...perfect for picking and stuffing. I pick both males and females at exactly that length and flower form.
I leave the veg attached on the female while tiny and young and pick a few males also for stuffing.
Carefully open the flower and pinch out the pistol inside....the round hard orange blob...completely edible but can be bitter.
I use goat cheese with some herbs from the garden...anything that i have. It is nice and sticky.
A spoonful slid into the flower, then seal by wrapping the flower around it. Lay them on a tray covered with a damp paper towel and pop in the fridge....can be prepped a few hours ahead. Two slits down the tiny cukes and let them fan out still attached to the flowers...
Any basic tempura batter works...
I just usually make a simple,
One egg
1 tbsp corn starch
1/4 cup flour...i like fine corn flour
1 tbsp plain yogurt...milk is fine
a bit of water till it feels correct as a batter.
whip it up and can be prepped ahead and fridged as well.

I just dredge in the batter on one side and sear/saute in a tbsp butter/tbsp olive oil...batter side down.
not deep fried... in a cast iron skillet...they can go in the skillet tightly together...i often do the same, in the same skillet, a few slices of green or garden pink tomatoes.
I like to see the blossoms and not deep fried. Batter side down in the skillet.

Last fall crop i did the same but after the batter i dredged them in some panko bread crumbs. (nice crispy bottom crust)

^the way i had them in Italy.

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CA Kate

Sleevendog: I made your recipe using Panko. Fantastic!

I gathered my 4 blossoms after they had closed up. I think they would have been easier to work with if they had been fully open.

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