'Secret' Bargain Priced Speed Queen Washer/Dryers for Sale

bestf100July 13, 2012

I'm just passing along something I saw on another applicance web site.

For anyone within driving distance of Peoria, IL, there is an store called Argos Appliance in downtown Peoria. They are selling reconditioned Speed Queen front load washers and dryers for $349 each. That is about 1/3 of what a new one costs. I believe they also ship them (but don't quote me on that). From what I saw on their web site, they have a ton of them for sale. Google their web site or call them at (309) 688- 6450.

In my brief conversation with them, the reason they have so many for sale, is because they are coming from an army base near Ft Wayne, IN.

Full disclosure, I own a year old Speed Queen front load washer & dryer pair. I will attest to their unbreakablility (if that is such a word) and commercial quality that can be used residentially. All our loads are completed within 45 minutes (24 minutes of that being wash time).

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One would want to make sure that they aren't selling the ones with very fast laundromat-style cycles, with only 8 minutes of wash time.

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