my beautiful laundrette

zandraJuly 24, 2010

Color me nutty. I want a themed and decorated laundry room. Side by side (vintage coin op? not likely but oh well) -with a shelf above with mix of attractive modern and semi-vintage, but usable soaps, brushes, measuring cups, etc. A spotless shining lineoleum floor in that speckled gray-pink-fleshtone pattern the laundromats had in the 60's. A molded plastic butterfly chair and plastic table with fashion magazines. A back door with a pretty lace curtain on the window, and best of all, a vintage neon whirlpool or maytag sign hung on the wall, along with a big round clock. Just a dream. I guess some of the most peaceful, and boring times of my life were spent in laundromats, maybe there is just a need to reclaim them.

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Sounds like a great idea to me. Not nutty at all. I think I might hang a vintage B&W TV playing some things like The Andy Griffith Show. Maybe a flickering fluorescent light? ;) Seems like they never had good lighting in the old laundromats I was in.

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