Reliable Dryer???

Darlene305July 24, 2013

Help! I am in need of a new dryer after using a Kenmore for 12 years. All of my online research has left me overwhelmed. I can find TONS of info on the "best" dryers as far as features, but very little on long-term reliability/repair rates. I don't need a lot of bells and whistles, it is just my husband and me, but I'd like something a step up from basic that definitely has moisture sensing and continued tumbling when the buzzer goes off and I need it to dry thick towels fairly quickly. Our local appliance dealer said Fisher & Paykel are good, but most of what I have found online disputes that. Maybe Whirlpool or Electrolux?? I would appreciate replies regarding your long-term experiences with specific brands. Thanks!

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A basic Whirlpool should be your best bet.
Hamper door (door that opens down) even better.

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We have an old Whirlpool dryer with a hamper door and love that style. It came with the house and just found out that it was purchased in 1975. Not that any new appliance will be built like they did back then but dryers are typically less complicated than a washer and have a longer life. Even though it still works, we are replacing the washer and dryer soon and decided to go with Speed Queen for the washer so getting the matching dryer. Otherwise I would buy another Whirlpool dryer with a hamper style door.

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Yes, a 29 inch wide Whirlpool/Maytag/Kenmore with the lint screen on top. I understand this design has been around for decades and is very good. To avoid lint dust from spreading over the dryer's top, you can remove the screen while the dryer is running.

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^ ^ ^

Just try to be careful when doing this that the lint accumulation on the filter doesn't get pulled off the screen down the chute. Most of it probably will blow out the exhaust if that happens, but depending on how much lint and other conditions involved some of it also can get lodged in the dryer blower housing or in the exhaust ducting.

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Does anyone know anything about Speed Queen dryers? Our appliance guy also indicated they are reliable "workhorses" but I don't know anyone who has ever had one!

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