Hey Asko XL Laundry Owners

GLB_GuyJuly 15, 2011

If you are the owner of an Asko XL washer model WL6511 or WL6532 and dryer TL751 or TL752 can you let me know what your experience has been. I have an opportunity to purchase an Asko XL washer & dryer at an extremely great price. So I am very interested in your feed back. Thanks.

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Well, I do not own the Asko XXL set, but I did inquire about them when I was researching a dishwasher purchase last year. The Asko dealer near me keeps a set on the floor but wont sell them unless a customer is insistent on having them. Was told that they are not built by Asko and it has been a nightmare for Asko since day one. Apparently, Asko has plans to take over manufacture of the XXL machines, but I don't know if or when that will happen.

Shame, I think an XXL 220v machine would be well received in the US market. That is certainly what I expected when I saw them the first time.


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Thanks for your thoughts MRB but I still would like to hear direct feed back of Asko XL owners. Perhaps your dealer was having local service issues that came back to bite in the backside that helped formed his opinion. I wonder if it was exclusive to the first generation or the second generation? Better question to that dealer you talked to is why would he waste his valuable store space with something that did not generate income for the store?

Yes, I also think that Asko could have an audience of customers that would be very much interested in purchasing a a 220V washer but until that time...perhaps Asko corporate is watching this web site and will take notice.

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@ GLB_Guy

Like mrb627, I have not heard good things about the XXL Askos. The fact that you haven't received a response from any owners should alert you to the fact that these units are rare birds and not big sellers. The Asko name, in this case, is a misnomer. The smaller European sized units are great quality and made in Sweden. The XXL units are made in Asia and may even be rebadged versions of some other manufacturer's machines.

If you are inclined to buy the Asko XXL units, you would be much better off looking at top line Miele, LG and Electrolux units. I would even opt for the now discontinued large Bosch machines over the Asko. Now if you were buying the smaller Euro sized washers, I would recommend them in a heartbeat.

Don't let the Asko name confuse you - the XXL machines are nothing more than junky, rebadged Asian machines. Someone published a first hand experience on the net - I don't remember where - and stated that these units have major vibration and balancing issues.

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I owned this set briefly and returned it. Fortunately, the dealer had a 30 day return policy. It was noisy and klunky.The washer made a grinding sound that could be heard all over the house even with doors closed. The dryer thumped oddly. I felt the whole set had a cheap and poorly finished quality not immediately obvious in the showroom. Washing and drying were only adequate. It was the Asko name that attracted me and overrode any doubts I had before purchase.I replaced the set with LG and have been very happy (going on 18 months now). I could not recommend these units even at rock bottom prices.

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ukigumo - Thanks for letting me know your experience.

sshrivastava - regarding Asko XL washers vibrating see the video below. But it is interesting to see an Asko washer spin on the highest spin setting sitting on Coke cans and not vibrating off the cans! All front load washers can have the potential for vibration based on the installation.

Here is a link that might be useful: ASKO XXL On Cans Short Version

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They are Daewoo machines.

Here is a link that might be useful: Daewoo front load washer

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Thanks dixiedarlin1. Even if they are made by Daewoo for Asko the Asko brand still has a better warranty 3-year parts and labor. Daewoo is only 1-parts & labor. Asko has the edge. I think that I can take the risk it with Asko a company that has an office in the US for 20 years down in Texas. Daewoo who knows how long they have been here and how long they are going to stay? I know that South Korea is actively seeking a buyer for someone one to take it off the country's hands.

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@ GLB_Guy

Don't do it. If you're going to spend that kind of money on a machine, get a Miele instead. They have a much better track record. Hardly anyone owns these XL Asko machines. Why take the risk?

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If you do go for it, make sure you have a local servicer that can repair quickly, if needed. Just sayin'...


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Avoid Asko Washing Machines. These washing machines are manufactured in Korea (see packing box) not in Europe as the sales person explained. Purchased the 6311XXL 24 months ago. After 25 warranty service calls over a 12 month period, replacing the door sensor (3 times), main computer panel (2 times), the 4 barrel support shocks (2 times - 8 new shocks total), motor (twice); Asko replaced machine with the WL6532. Escalating up the service chain at Asko USA, they 6511 XXL has a design flaw causing extreme vibration (so great it "walks" forward 1-2 feet) during the spin cycle. This vibration causes failure in the electronic components.

The new WL6532 has lower vibration; but, suffers from electronics failures; especially the door sensor. We've had two door sensors fail. When the door sensor fails to register, the machine will not begin a cycle. The door sensors are plastic and somewhat malleable. The softness of the plastic eventually expands where the sensor no longer contacts the door latch...sending a "door open" signal to the washer's control panel. The WL6532 door sensor is failing every 6-9 months. In Houston, out of warranty door sensor replacement will cost you ~$250 and two weeks of down time.

Avoid Asko Washers. When our warranty is up, we're buying a new machine and dumping the Asko. It's cheaper and faster to buy an new low end machine than keep this Asko going.

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Well today, Nov 6th, the door sensor failed 6532 XXL...yep, the door sensor which was replaced in July of this year. Once these my Asko (made by Daewoo) machine fails again...it's going to the curb. Horrible experience with Asko.

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