electrolux eigd50liw vs whirlpool cabrio platinum wgd8200yw

workingmomx3July 13, 2013

I need to replace my FisherPaykel DXGG1 dryer. My laundry room has a depth constraint of 33.5" (to edge of door molding). So far, I haven't found a dryer that will completely fit within that depth. After long deliberation with our local appliance store (the same guys who do all my servicing) I've narrowed my choices down to the Electrolux or the Whirlpool Cabrio.

I have selected those because the Electrolux W/D pair are the least deep for a front loader.

I like the Cabrio (or Maytag MGD850YW that I can get at roughly the same price) because they stand a bit higher and I like the access. to the dryer. I can switch the doors on these (my dryer is on the left).

My dryer vent goes down through the floor, not back through the wall. You can see my setup in the picture below. The door to either dryer will protrude past the door molding by an inch or so. I can slide the units (I'm hoping to replace both washer & dryer now) towards the laundry tub to give a bit more clearance with the exterior door swing.

Pros/Cons of each? Preference of one over the other?

Appreciate the help.

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I can't speak for the Electrolux but I bought the Cabrio also because of the size constrains. I hate it. It has put holes in clothing and tore sheets. I'm currently looking for another - but not an HE

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If you are getting the pair, then definitely the Electrolux.

The dryers are a "wash" but the Elux washer is way better.

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