uncovered oven pot roast

liz_hJune 20, 2013

When I was a child, my Mom did pot roast in the oven, uncovered. It was always nice and brown and tender. The vegetables were cooked along side, which meant they were roasted in the drippings and also fabulous.

Unfortunately, that's all I remember! I assume it was low & slow.
Maybe she started it with a cover. I remember seeing it all in the old black granite roaster. I also remember that Dad would have liked more onions, but Mom thought they overpowered the beef. ;)

Somewhere I read a list of chuck or pot roasts. It specified some that could be dry roasted instead of braised. Of course I can't find that now. :( Any ideas?

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My mom cooked roasts like that too when I was young. I have never tried it either. I would assume that the roast would dry out without a lid but prime ribs don't so it prolly will work. Someone with more info is sure to post.

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I found a couple of recipes for this method. I'll give it a try this fall. The picture is from the BHG site & looks the way I remember pot roast looking. Here are the two that I found.



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When you were a child, maybe you only saw your mom's pot roast when it was unovered for her to check it, add liquid, etc. so don't let the covered vs. uncovered thing stop you from trying.

If you are looking for a step by step recipe, I'd start with this one from Martha Stewart, make it as written, and then modify it the next time to make it taste more like your mother's if it doesn't on the first go-round.

Here is a link that might be useful: Martha Stewart basic pot roast

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We do both. Husband insists on browning first, and i like to finish with pot open for a final browning...
I use our enameled cast iron in the oven with a liquid, stock, wine, or a beer, and covered for the first hour, then add veg, cook long and slow and uncover for the last run.

Always a bit different, always tender. My mothers was always a bit dry so never had a t&t go-to recipe. It is a winter event for us so i usually hit the recipe books for any new ideas when i have the urge and bring home a big roast.

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I've always used the brown-then-braise method with good results. But if I can skip the stove top browning, so much the better! We're trying hard right now to cook with low effort, yet produce food that is healthful and tasty.

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What type of roast do you use sleevendog? Rump or chuck or? It seems when I try rump it's tougher and drier.

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I think they call it a rump but it looks like chuck. (top rump?, haha) I get a bit frustrated with the package names. If i purchase from my super fabulous butcher who is soo helpful, i tell him what i am using it for and he makes the choice for me, : ). For a fresh ham he asks "bone in?", and we discuss how i will be preparing.
The 'ribs' i buy to grind for burgers are chuck and do not have ribs...(huh?)
The slab steak i like on the grill used to be called 'london broil'...
Just started buying something called a 'pork roast tip'. (?) What is that? Don't know but great braised on the grill sealed, then opened for a 2hr smoking...

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Have you ever tried braising your roast, then put it in the slow cooker (which I put outside in the summer) and give it all day?

It comes out tender and delish! I just hate turning the oven on for long slow cooking.


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