New home and new w/d question (venting)

tabbaldwinJuly 26, 2010

Just curious.... is there a standard location for the dryer vent in both new appliances and new construction? I'm wondering how far off our vent is going to be so I can go ahead and buy a periscope vent kit (I need the dryer as close to the wall as possible because it was a big issue in our last house--it had to stick out too far).


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If this is new construction you should be able to get your hook up fairly close. All the units are basically the same width, just because they have to fit through the door. Here's a link to a box that you might consider having installed. If you do pedestals that would dictate just how high you would install this particular vent.

Here is a link that might be useful: dryerbox vent

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Thanks, housefairy. The wall vent is "boxed" in, so that will help. I'm just trying to figure out what length of periscope vent I need to buy. The dryer is at the store, and I haven't yet found a pic online that shows the back of it so I can compare its vent location to where it might be once in the laundry room (in relation to the wall vent). Thank goodness it vents straight out the wall to the outside, too.

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Most standard US brands vent in the middle of the unit at the bottom. See if the mfg. has their manual on line or go and look at the dryer and take some measurements. Apparently they have already completed your dryer vent and didn't get it aligned with where the actual dryer would be placed? The box I mentioned, if installed at the correct place, would use a conventional hookup(flexible) and need only clearance for the electrical/gas connections. The hose sets in the box.

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Oh no--the "box" is located where the dryer will go, but what are the chances that the actual vent will line up perfectly with the vent on the back of the dryer. My vent is straight out the wall, not up like in the picture of the box you linked to.

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Unless you are specific, you won't find this different installation as spec by a builder. I thought you were still in the process of building. So in answer to your question, the only way to know is to do some measuring. You still have the issue of how to get behind it to hook it up.

Note with the periscope vents, I have one and I think they amplify the sound. I actually took some insulating foam tape and applied to mine. Note that my hookups are backwards so my units are reversed. So my periscope goes around the back of my washer. The noise is not bad, but it is louder than just the flexible hose. Sounds like you would have such a short run that you probably won't notice.

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