Need help with my Fisher & Paykel gwl11

jmw6f6iJuly 17, 2013

My gwl11 is not filling with water especially cold water, the cycle stalls and both the hot and cold led flash. I ran the inlet valves through the diagnostic mode and the hot ran fine, but the cold started out fine then started to run slowly. What has me confused is even though the hot water ran fine in diagnostic mode it doesn't work during a normal cycle. If the cold water inlet valve is bad will it effect the hot inlet valve also?

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You have a bad cold valve for sure.

Bad cold valve should not reflect on the hot valve ... unless maybe something common to both is bad on the controller board, which is unlikely if hot runs via Diagnostics.

Hot (or warm) water runs during a cycle only for the initial minimal fill for the Eco Active wash phase at beginning of the cycle. Fill for the agitated wash is cold by design and intention ... except on Perm Press when it's warm, if warm is selected.

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Thanks, I ran a cycle on perm press and the hot ran fine, but it still paused I'm guessing because cold is used for the rinse cycles. I found a place that services Fisher & Paykel and they're going to sell me the part.
Thanks again for the info.

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F&P parts can also be purchased online from,, (neither is related to F&P parent company), and of course eBay.

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And yes, all rinses are cold.

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Thanks for the info I purchased the cold water valve and installed it. Now the washer works fine.

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