need washer/dryer for busy veterinary hospital

belphoebeJuly 5, 2011

Any suggestions for washers/dryers for a 24hr veterinary hospital? We wash mainly towels and blankets and the units run almost 24hrs a day. Trying to avoid big commercial units due to space limitations. Thanks!

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I think Speed Queen is the only manufacturer that allows commercial use of their washers and dryers without voiding the warranty. In fact, they cover the units for three years on a parts only basis if used in a commercial setting. They are also one of the leading manufacturers of commercial equipment as well, which could be another consideration for your needs.

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Miele. Those Mieles (the all metal ones) were used in the hotel we were staying at in Germany and they were workhorses. They had 2 for the entire floor and just worked and worked and worked...

I'm sure you could contact Miele and get a commercial use contract with them. All I know is that they are workhorses and they were workhorses at that hotel I was staying at in Germany. It's how I fell in love with them.

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The cheapest front loader you can get? If you figure you get a $500 machine and use it for a year or 3 (if you get the warranty) you may be out ahead rather than an expensive Speed Queen or Miele.

Reviewing LG's warranty, for example it doesn't say commercial vs home use, just "normal use" so since you're not running a laundromat with it I think you would be fine that way.

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For "semi-commercial" use, such as I believe you've described, would advise local dealer. State your purpose and take their advice with the agreement between you that they'll have to stand behind their recommendation.

I suspect you'll quickly come to depend upon this machine and you'll want quick response if it ever goes down. Warranties are nice, but if you have to wait for service from a distant vendor the aggravation can be pretty bad.

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the problem is the animal hair (clogs everything) and actually sanitizing the towels to prevent animal to animal transmission.

you can go to a big box and purchase a new unit every 6 months - problem is nothing gets clean in those anyway

all mfgs void the warranty with commercial use with home machines

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Out vet clinic used to use Speed Queen top loaders but then switched to commercial MAC machines. Those really sanitize well. When you open the door to unload the towels a whole bunch of steam comes out.
These machines are far more expensive than any standard washing machine, but they will get the towels and surgical blankets very clean. Oh, and they do require bolt down installation and a drain "well" behind them.

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I think you will want a washer that has a built-in water heater, in order to get truly HOT water that will kill bacteria & germs. Just because a washer gives a "Hot" wash option, doesn't mean the water will be hot, unless there is a heater in the machine.

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Curiosity- what is a 'MAC' machine, please?

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