Doing research on newer HE top loaders vs Fronts

johnner1999July 27, 2014

Currently have a Whirlpool Duet 7200 series (7-8 years old) washer and dryer. The dryer is giving error codes best cost to repair is about $400 and the washer still works but clothes do not become as clean anymore and its making an odd noise during spin so � looking at new machines now.

When we bought the above about 7-8 years ago - top loader HE models were just starting to come out from Whirlpool Cabrio I think??? We actually bought it and liked it BUT it threw water out of the basket during spin cycles and didn�t balance well with larger items like towels. SO we switch to the front loader�

All that said (sorry for the wordiness) I see many many more top loader options than before. I suppose in an effort to push up the prices on front loaders? HOW are the newer top loaders - do they still have a ballooning issue - i mean the basket can�t be supported on top like the front loader can, can it? And with out a sealed gasket system to they still slush water onto the floor?

Any pointers more than welcome - thanks

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Frontloaders are a superior washing action than HE toploaders (except maybe the Whirlpool/Kenmore Calypso which was discontinued some years ago).

HE toploaders suspend the tub from support rods at the four top corners of the cabinet, and there usually is a gyroscopic fluid-filled balance ring at the top of the inner basket to assist with spin stability.

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actually that is what we had last a Calypsoâ¦.

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You said Cabrio in your first post. Calypso and Cabrio are not the same, people sometimes confuse them due to the similar-sounding names. Completely different mechanisms and wash action. The Calypso was introduced in 2001 (maybe 2000 for the Kenmore version). Cabrio (and Kenmore Oasis) around 2006. Oasis and Cabrio were initially produced in both non-HE/agitator and HE/impeller versions.

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Stick with a front loader for thorough cleaning of bulky items like comforters and the like.

Youtube HE top loaders and watch how little water is used and how little the clothes move through that puddle and how long it takes.

I'd stick with a FL Whirlpool, Electrolux/Frigidaire.

I'd shy away from LG, Samsung (not so great customers service when issues arise and parts take longer to obtain).

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After trying Samsung, FL top of the line.....I also would avoid Samsung. Several of our friends have LG FL units, and have had a lot of issues. I personally think Electrolux is the best thing, since Miele sadly killed their "full" sized units.

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Just personal opinion, but the fact that Electrolux recently let all the workers at their laundry factory in Webster City, Iowa go and moved the production to Mexico doesn't exactly make me feel warm and fuzzy about them.

I have an LG front loader now and when it works it performs extremely well. However it has needed quite a few repairs since I got it.

I would go with the Speed Queen FL, Whirlpool Duet, or GE RightHeight. All are made in the USA and work well. The GE's are a new design but have good reviews so far.

I think the Calypso is a clever design that works really well. I bought one of the first under the Kenmore brand in 2001. A couple years later, I ended up moving but did not want this machine which I spent big bucks on to transfer with the house. I ended up giving it to my parents. 13 years later, they are using it. It has had no repair issues. I don't really know what to think of all these horror stories about it. Did my parents and I do something different than others when using this machine, or did we just get really lucky?

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If a washer was no longer cleaning as well, I'd want to know why. It could be the washer, it could be changed formulations in detergent, changes in the water quality, or even, my favorite, an assertive water boiler tech who insists on lowering the temperature setting every time we do the annual maintenance.

BTW, the Electrolux closing in Webster City was largely a few years ago, but because of expiring federal retraining aid, the impact was felt last year. At the same time, they've been growing their TN plant, and moved some of the white collar jobs from IA to NC. It's complicated.

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The reason they moved cooking to TN was the same as the reason they moved laundry to Mexico: corporate greed. They were paying their workers in the Canada cooking plant an average of $23 per hour. In Memphis they will be paid an average of $13 per hour and the local gov't pretty much paid in full for Electrolux's relocation. In Mexico they are being paid $2 per hour. I could really care less whether it's in the USA, but I want it to be made in a place where the workers are paid more than $2 per hour.

All that having been said, despite counter of origin I do think the Electrolux and Frigidaire front loaders are really good products. My first front loader ever was a 1997 Frigidaire and I could not believe how good of a job it did with so little water. I thought it was way ahead of its time. I didn't quite realize at the time how behind this country was on laundry.

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