Basement heat

joe_mnNovember 1, 2011

Finished basement. 400 sq ft area. Have gas furnace, forced air heat. Have no ducts in basement to speak of. Put in vented wall heater 30+ yrs ago. Heats basement fine but it died. Might put in new unit since basement is seldom used. Or would it be better to add more ducts? Don't want to heat basement 24/7 since it is used 10% of the time.

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joe...I think in your case, I'd go with a unit similar to what you had. It's possible, if you branch supply ducts off your existing system, you could upset the entire delivery balance of the home. You'd certainly be heating the basement 24/7 unless you want to manually open and close the supplies according to use. That could require a whole house load balance each time you open or close the registers to maintain upstairs comfort levels. I think you get the idea.

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