LG or Bosch, 24 inch W/D help me choose

tightspaceJuly 6, 2012

I just recently moved into a new apartment and need a washer and dryer. The closet for it is rather small and only a 24 inch machine will fit due to depth issues and the size of the concrete slab. I do not want to get one of the all-in-one laundry centers and want to stack a front loader. My question is do I go with the LG or the Bosch? The LG is slightly bigger 2.3 cubic FT vs 2.2 on the washer and 4.2 vs 3.9 on the dryer. I have heard the LG is better from some retailers and the bosch better from others, which way do I go?

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LG requires a 120v outlet.

Bosch 240v outlet.

Which one do you have?

Maybe that makes the decision unless you want to pay an electrician.

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The LG dryer uses 240V, but they only offer a ventless condenser model in the US market in the size that you are looking for. The LG washer is 120V.

If you get both a 24-inch Bosch washer and a 24-inch Bosch dryer you can connect one appliance to the other so that you only need one 240V outlet on the wall. Bosch offers both vented and ventless/condenser dryers. Do check the height of the water drain input in your home to make sure that the drain pump in the Bosch washers can handle it (the manuals should be posted on the Bosch web site).

GE offers 24-inch laundry machines in the same price range. One washer model (120V), and two 240V dryers (vented or condenser). The labels on the machines say that they are made in Korea, and in my opinion the look of many of the parts closely resemble machines that Samsung sells in the German market, including the Samsung "diamond" drum feature.

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We have both 120 and 240 volt outlets in the closet. So that isn't an issue. I just want the better washer/dryer. I can also get them for about the same price installed due to a connection. He just said that he has had a lot of issues with the last 10 bosch he has sold.

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LG gives kickbacks/incentives to dealers as well as salesman,runs sales contest,etc which Bosch almost never does.

Bosch usually just does retail customer rebates from time to time..

Therefore you will have salesman pushing LG.

Bosch took a hit to its reputation with their first generation full-size washing machine. The Bosch Nexxt but the Axxis has been pretty good. All machines get some horrid reviews but overall I think Axxis is pretty good.

I would get the Bosch because it will be far easier to maintain water temps with 240v than 120v and I would rather have Bosch/Siemens electric components.

If you are willing to look at Asko their machine allows you to get to 205 degrees killing 99.99% of bacteria. And whites get really white.

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I decided to go with the LG. I realized I had the Bosch Axxis in my previous apartment and had nothing but issues with it. The thing leaked almost every time the washer was used, the dryer would randomly stop running, just a lot of issues. Hopefully my luck with the LG will be better. I did consider the Miele, but even with connections it was over $3000 for the pair, which is far too much.

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We've had a 24" LG for about two months and so far it is working well. It holds about the same size load as the 10-year-old Kenmore it replaced.

Tightrope, I am curious how the drain pump runs on your machine. Mine cycles on/off/on/off whenever it is draining the washer. I wonder if that is standard on all LG machines. Thanks.

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Opps, sorry, I meant tightspace (knew I should have double- checked :)

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I've used the Bosch Axxis+ washer and condenser dryer for
1.5 years. I think they are wonderful machines and would
recommend them to anyone. They do require a little routine
maintenance. I regularly dry the door seal after use to
avoid mildew and clean the condenser every few months. We
average 4-5 loads of laundry per week. The machine handles
very large loads given its very small size. The only thing
I've ever washed that it didn't do well with was a very
thick queen size mattress pad.

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I am in the process of making a selection between both of the Bosch and the GE. Can anyone tell me about the length of time it takes to dry a load? I was told it may take as long as 3 hours if I choose the ventless dryer. Is this true? We have a space issue and can only afford to do a 24" deep washer/dryer that is stackable. What is my best option?

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I had a Bosch 24" Axxis pair with a condenser dryer for about 1.5 years in a laundry closet, stacked. I was very happy with it. It was my first condenser dryer and it did a great job. The dryer cannot run with the door closed -- it needs some air. Drying times were normal for loads -- we have 700 g bath sheets and those dried well. There is maintenance on the condenser filter which needs to be cleaned about 1x/month and the interior sensor needs to be wiped with vinegar.

The washer does a very good job for most things. It does not get water as hot as the Miele's highest setting but that is one I rarely used.

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The GE compact washer is made in China. Their previous line of full size front loaders was also made in China and was known to be trouble prone. I would steer clear.

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