Asko pair on order, starting to worry...Miele?

brightmJuly 24, 2014

I know there are a few other Asko/Miele laundry threads, but all the ones I found seemed specific to certain models and situations.

Our laundry is in our kitchen. We tried every which way to move it and can't. So we are down-sizing to euro machines. We've ordered the Asko W6424 and T754 in Titanium. The thought is this will blend best with the stainless steel appliances. I've read the good and bad (more bad than good) re: the Askos, but we figure in our situation we need to just roll the dice (and get an extended warranty).

Project bloat has brought us to order a couple other Miele products and I'm fairly enamored with them. (nothing installed yet, cabinets should start tomorrow) I kept looking at the Mieles but the price and the fact that they're only in white kept me away from them.

BUT, I just realized that they have panel ready ones. (W3039I/T8019CI) They'd have white control panels, but I could (eventually) get natural cherry fronts made for them to match our cabinets OR have something done with the thin panel thing and have something in Cobalt made to match our Bluestar.

The Miele pair (I think...didn't go get my receipt for the Askos) is about $1700 more than the Askos. Ouch. Plus whatever I do to make them prettier. Plus it'd be a condenser dryer instead of vented.

I JUST (while typing this) got word that the Asko is not going to be available until a week after when I need them, so I wouldn't feel horrible canceling the order. But I am having a really hard time stomaching the pricetag for the Mieles. But I'm scared of the Askos.

Any suggestions? Things I haven't considered? Anyone have experience with any of these models? WWYD?

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I must have one of the last ss washer/dryer pairs before they changed out. The paneled ones look great on their site. Mine is a 3035, just a 1-1/2 years old.

This Miele replaced a Swedish-made Asko washer which didn't have a long life and could not be repaired. Those plugged into each other so both had to be changed.

I'm super happy with the Mieles. Here is some more info and notes on how they perform. The only trick if you go with Miele is to check the door swing. Mine had to be installed with washer on the left and dryer on the right due to the vent. But that should be the other way around.

Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Miele Washer Cheat Sheet

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I have a Miele set and have been very happy with them. I did purchase and extended warranty (5year available if bought before the 1year warranty is up). I love the small size. I have mine stacked in my bathroom and have loved it. I have been using it for about 9 months. The door swing for the washer, has the hinge on the right and for the dryer the hinge is on the left. This may be different hinging than the typical w/d front loader. I use rococogurl's cheat sheet exclusively for the washer. I have it in a 3 ring binder with transparent sleeves for protection, lol. The nice thing about the Miele is that they will fit in your cabinet dimensions. I have to provide a picture of mine because I love it so much :)
Set with the cabinet surround:

You can see the navy blue binder on the left of the lowest shelf in this pic below. That is were I keep the instructions and Rococogurl's cheat sheets:

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Thanks rococogurl and enduring.

Next hurdle (besides price) is going from vented to condenser. Will I hate it?

I called Miele and the units are readily available. I confirmed the panel situation. Those are both good.

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Ordered the Miele. Done.

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Please keep us posted, especially how you like the condenser dryer.

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Do you two (if you return) have vented or condenser?

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My dryer is vented. I must have got the last of those when I bought last year.

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I've had both condenser and vented dryers. I had a Bosch condenser in our apartment and it was terrific. There was a bit of maintenance in that the condenser filter needed cleaning about once a month of so and it was in a closet that needed the door left open when it ran.

Asko, and now Miele replacement in our house were both vented. Didn't care for the Asko dryer at all. The Miele gives a lot of control and does a good job.

The marketing now on the European size pairs is geared to condenser drying. Both Bosch & Miele discontinued their vented dryers, it appears.

But no worries. This past winter, when it was so cold for months on end, the dryer vent became a conduit into the house -- unless I kept the dryer door closed, there was a draft of freezing air coming in.

Mieles are workhorses and quieter than the Asko was. I will never to take another sweater to the dry cleaner -- the wool cycle is much better.

Would love to see how the paneled ones look -- please post pics at some point.

@enduring. So jealous of your ironing board!

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That little laundry unit took a lot of planning on my part. I even put in a 12" deep toe kick to house the scale. I really like having the ironing board. Unfortunately I still don't use it often enough, lol ;) I remember reading that you have a rotary iron. I would LOVE to put something like that in action. I don't have the room for one. When I was a kid, my BF's mother got a press. I was fascinated. I would watch her press the dads work pants and other laundry. I love fabric, I love machines, I love my new Mieles :)

And if the above wasn't digression enough:
Taking Rococogurls lead, I washed 5 or 6 wool and wool blend coats and they all came out fabulously. Several were from the 60's so I thought what the heck. You are probably wondering how would one still have coats from the 60's...I don't really know, haha. I wished I had by black and white hounds tooth wool coat from the late 60s, it had a feminine trench coat cut, with a tie around the waist. I also had a herringbone coat and loved it too. The old coats I washed are my DH's and my DS may want them as he heads into his first winter in Saratoga Springs NY. DS likes to try out old clothes and electronics and bikes. Actually anything old, and just junk in some peoples eyes :)

I used the Miele liquid soap for wool and silk. I also have the Miele liquid soap for down for my down pillows and quilts. Love both products.

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I'm now very excited about these. I think it was the right move. If I had one lick of trouble with the Asko's, I would have always thought 'what if...'.

Thanks for your help.
When I called Miele Concierge to reschedule the delivery/installation of my other products, I asked if I added laundry if they could do them the same day. He made it sound like I needed to do it fairly quickly to get a longer block of time booked. Don't know if he's in sales really or not, but that did make me pull the trigger. I didn't think to ask if I could just add them to my order through him.
I called and was unable to reach my salesperson. I then called Concierge back and got the same guy. He said it is actually best (or only way?) to do it through him. My salesperson will get the credit. Awesome!

My salesperson returned my call a bit later. I asked her to confirm a few things. She talked about how much I'll like it but how it does take some getting used to and the manual isn't good. I told her about 'something I found on the internet' and the suggestions to print it out and keep it in a binder near the laundry. She was impressed. In fact, I think I'll email her a link now. And print my copy. :)

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I do have the rotary iron, which actually folds and is not terrible to store. I'm one of those dinosaurs that wants ironed bedding and vintage linens. Rotary iron does those very quickly and well, though there's a great deal more technique involved in using it that might be imagined. Instruction book is useless. But we had a mangle when I was growing up so I had a fairly good idea.

Miele dryer has "rotary iron" setting. Rather than hand sprinkling, I can throw everything in the washer for a Quick Rinse, then set the dryer for rotary and it comes out at the perfect dampness.

What's not discussed is that the rotary is an energy hog. So everything has to be ready and waiting. It cuts ironing time in half or less.

@enduring -- your set up is so organized and well done. In Europe they install like that. So smart and well thought out.

@cal quail - don't think you'll be sorry on the w/d; quite the opposite. I had an Asko pair for a number of years and even after they replaced the washer, none of the delicate/short cycles ever worked. The long cycles for whites did a great job and I really liked that the heater brought cold water to the exact temperature -- until the control board broke and I could only do cold washes. It also had a 190F setting, which is almost boiling. I used that for my towels and sheets for a long time and it caused a lot of wear. Modern fibers aren't 100% anything and it seemed to make the textiles brittle. So, in the end, I didn't need what the machine did do and did need what it didn't.

Miele's not perfect, however. Yesterday, I did a bag of bras on Delicate, set to warm. There was no hot water at all on the intake to blend. It is a cold-water-only cycle (though they told me on the phone the hot water intake blends to any Warm setting).Untrue. Excellent results and it gets the water level just right for the lingerie bag. But Silk does the same thing without the fake warm setting. There are quirks, no question.

What other Miele pieces did you get? I've been super happy with my dw, oven and vacuums. Would love to see how the paneled set looks -- expect they will more/less disappear behind the doors as I've seen them fully integrated.

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Thanks rococogurl

I'm getting DW (Dimension, stainless, hidden control of the 5675 somethings), M-touch Contour Line Speed Oven, and the W/D.

Other items, SZ Integrated Stainless 36", BS 30" RNB Cobalt, Ventahood

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Nice choices cal quail.

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Thanks rococogurl for your "like" on my laundry cabinet layout. I appreciate that complement :)

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Actually, these won't TOTALLY disappear. They'll have the white control panel showing.

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Figured I'd post a preview of the empty holes here:

I'm happy that this arrangement yielded a 31"d countertop. I didn't know about the benefits of having a deep countertop, and now I have one. :) I'm very pleased with the way they did the removable piece for quick access to water lines and trap.

Do you think they'll be able to swap the locations of the units with the mechanicals on the sides that they're on? If I have to live with them 'backwards' from a convenience stand point with the Miele doors, I can deal. But I wonder if they'll just be able to run the cables etc. back and forth?

Slight worry that the overhang on the granite could block the control panel, more for DH's height than for me. Didn't think about that until it was in. But people deal with front control panel DW's all the time with overhang on granite. Ours happens to be (purposefully) a slightly longer overhang on the left to counteract for some weird house geometry. (shhh, don't tell anyone) So the overhang may be more of an issue. But hopefully, okay.

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Nice set up cal quail. My set up is like yours. It's not as convenient as dryer on the left but it's the only way I could go as the vent to our exterior wall is on the right.

They won't push the machines all the way back. My cabinet isn't as deep as yours but the machines need to be forward slightly so you can operate the panel. Also, I wouldn't want my hand hitting the bottom front edge of the granite.

The washer is super heavy -- not something you pull out easily to clean behind. Also, once it's leveled you don't want it moved as it won't run if it's off level.

So having the trapdoor on top is good as you could just put the vacuum pipe down there once a year or so. Dust does accumulate.

But thing I love best after the w/d is my counter above the machines.

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They came to install them yesterday and installed the washer only and on the left. DH was home. I asked him to ask if they could install it on right if things reached, if they could drill a hole (and left a drill and hole saw). I think DH thought it was no big deal and didn't ask. I got home just before they were leaving and that's the impression I got.

They were unable to install the dryer because I didn't have the right outlet. My fault. We used to have an electric dryer, so I didn't even check it. I didn't know there were different plug types for dryers. So they left it in front of it's home.

I swear they said I could get an 'adapter'. I questioned if I could get it at HD and they said yes, HD/Lowe's. I stopped at Lowe's later and didn't see one. I checked HD/Lowe's/Amazon/internet-in-general and didn't see one. The guy at Lowe's said most people switch the cord. I nodded, smiled and said I'd go home and check which of the two 'old style' plugs I have, but I'm not doing anything to jeopardize the new dryer. I'll have someone out to change the outlet.

The guys also said that they could switch them when they come back. The hose for the condenser on the dryer wouldn't be long enough to reach the trap if the dryer were on the right, but everything should be long enough to go back and forth if we put the dryer on the left. I didn't realize you could use it without that drain and just clean the condenser thing. Good to know. Also though, I don't see how the condenser hose will fit into the trap WITH the washer hose. Will do some research before they come back out.

They're coming back because I still need the cabinet and electrical prepped for the speed oven. :( But loading the dishwasher is pretty awesome. :)

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Once they get the w/d installed correctly and, most important, leveled, they should leave you with it running empty on a Sanitize/sanitize cycle. That is required. If the installers don't do that, then that's the first thing to do. That sets up the electronics in the machine (and won't work if it's not level).

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I assume they did that. It was running for a long time when I got home.

I used the washer last night. (hung stuff to dry)

My old Samsung FL, I left the door open for quite a while to keep it from smelling nasty. I know a tight seal is a tight seal, but this one seems even more so. :) Do folks have issues with this? Do you have to run cleaners through it?

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Don't know about others but I've worked out my routine to do a hot wash last. I always, always leave the door open and I also pull the detergent drawer out slightly to let that dry out.

A small amount of water tends to accumulate and remain at the bottom of the gasket so I wouldn't keep the door closed ever. I also wipe the gasket dry from time to time.

Also, about once or twice a month, or if I see too much suds in a small load, I run the machine empty on Sanitize. That is the recommended procedure for keeping the machine clean.

For most loads I use Persil. I do some loads with liquid and I always pull and drain the liquid soap insert. The soap drawer should be removed and cleaned also from time to time. This is all per the user manual.

I use fabric softener only for towels -- 2 loads a week -- and dilute the fabric softener (Mrs. Meyers) by half to avoid any buildup. The one thing vinegar does do (and the only thing I've found it does so far) is clean fs residue from that little cup if it's added to the next load.

The dryer lint traps also need to be maintained and vacuumed out, per manual instructions.

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Loving them so far.

So far, the condenser dryer doesn't bug me at all. Just like you clean the lint screens, you empty the water. I think they've improved them quite a bit compared to some horror stories I've read. It's in exactly the same place as the detergent drawer and pulls out just the same, but it's got a long, flat reservoir attached to the front plate with a sliding lid in the back. It looks like plain, clean water. I'm contemplating using it to water plants. I'd been planning to ask someone to figure out a way to get the drain line from the dryer into the drain for the washer, but I may not even bother.

And I've gotten into the habit of sopping up the water in the gasket with whatever dish towel/hand towel is destined for the wash, then leaving the door ajar. The old Samsung wouldn't stay 'ajar', it would swing wide open and the kitchen was tighter then. Now, ajar is ajar and it's just fine as long as we don't have company.

Thanks again.

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You have every right to worry. We had a T754 installed on Oct 10, 2014 and it has never worked. One repair effort so far, and we are still waiting for the next try. Not sure what to do next.

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