Seeking quietest furnace

casmithNovember 22, 2007

I'm getting bids on a 4 ton furnace that will be in a utility closet in a finished basement. I'm looking for the quietest possible unit.

We have bids from two reputable installers, one for a Rheem modulating, the other for a Carrier Infinity 96.

I'm in Portland, Oregon with fairly mild winters. It seems there is a chance that the Rheem modulating might generally keep the system at a lower fan speed than the Carrier, which would seem to keep things quiet.

On the other hand, the published sound rating is lower for the Carrier. (for what this is worth)

I've heard proponents of each system claiming that it is quiet, but not yet from anyone who has experience with both systems (and possibly others). I'd appreciate any advice.

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Sound ratings don't mean a darn thing without a properly designed and installed duct system and no manufacturers claim has any control over that.

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Just a thought on this quiet thing that seems to be on everyones priority list. You get a beautifully quiet furnace. Just perfect. You don't hear squat. You don't even know it is working. You leave one day and it actually
isn't working because you can't hear it to tell the difference. Then come home with most of your pipes frozen and the cat and dog cuddled up together to keep warm. Prime ex. my stat crapped out yesterday. couldn't hear the
relay click. Yes woke up with no heat.

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I have installed both furnaces. Either one is very quiet. Both are sealed combustion units and can be enclosed in an insulated closet unless there is an atmospheric combustion appliance in the same room. I'm assuming the furnace will be installed with 2 vent pipes. The Rheem unit has the capability of running at lower Btu inputs and will be quieter during mild outdoor temperatures.

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