good cuts for kebabs or stir-fry

liz_hJune 27, 2013

I'm still working on my cut sheet for the half beef. In lieu of sirloin steak, I'd planned on a top sirloin roast, and to use the rest of the sirloin for kebabs & stir-fry.

Many online references show these cut from all over the beef. It's been way too many years since I've prepared either one. I don't need fall apart tender, but don't want tough either. Any recommendations?

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IMO, sirloin would be an excellent choice for either or both of them.

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I agree! Sirloin is usually what I buy for a beef stir fry or beef lo mein.


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When I stir-fry beef, I freeze it first so that I can cut it very thinly. I think that is the best way to cut it for that purpose.


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