Need advise on insulation of Wine Cellar ceiling

vvlNovember 4, 2011

We are remodeling our house and putting in a wine cellar in the basement. The house has radiant heat (water temp approx 112 since it is geothermal) and so there are heating coils running in the bays above the ceiling of the room. Right now we have R19 foil faced fiberglass insulation with the foil facing the radiant with a 1 in air gap. My question is: Will the foil facing provide enough of a vapor barrier - there will be a large temperature differential between the space above and the wine room below (112 vs 57 degrees). I had thought of adding 6 mil plastic sheathing before the fiberglass but was not sure if it was okay to go next to the radiant heat. Do you think this is sufficient?

An energy star consultant had said we should consider putting rigid board insullation below the fiberglass facing the wine cellar but this will cut down on an already low ceiling and we do not know whether we should be putting a vapor barrier below the fiberglass.

Any suggestions or advise would be greatly appreciated.

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What is controlling the temp and humidity in the wine storage?

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Spray foam would be more compact, and closed-cell works as a vapour barrier. Cheaper but more work would be Isoboard, it's a foam product too but has cardboard facing.

The foil makes sense.

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N'FINITY 4200 Wine Cellar Cooling system will be mounted on one of the walls. The humidity will be monitored and we will adjust somewhat manually. The area has typically been moderately humid.

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The wine storage will be cooler. If the area outside of the wine storage will not be high humidity, you don't need a vapor barrier. You want to stop air flow and insulate. Fiber bats will not stop air leaks. Spray foam will.

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