Heat pump in mn

joe_mnNovember 23, 2011

What type of install would be best for a single family house in cold MN? I got quotes for stuff this fall. Never really talked about HP. I called a shop but they said they do air source HP stuff only. Should I consider non-air source HP stuff in MN? Our elec is 10cents.

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Just to be clear, no access to nat gas or are you all electric?

If you have nat gas, what is your rate/therm?

Either way, for your location and winter climate, I would look at Carrier's new Greenspeed HP systems either all electric or DF.


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know that for forced air DX heat and cooling that load is typically sized ( at least her in Kansas/MO) based on the cooling load, and the heating follows. But here, for GROUND source HP, the space load is primarily based on heating load, with the cooling load following. So if you look at ground source, be sure to get enough heat.

For either air to air, or ground source you may use a gas furnace as secondary heat (natural gas or propane) IMHO electric secondary heat is less recommended in a cold climate unless gas is not an option.

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You will need a lot of backup heat in Minnesota with a heat pump.

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