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wombat94November 17, 2011

Hi All,

A quick update - last month we had to replace our furnace/AC system.

After great advice here, we went with a local Bryant dealer and they did a great job. We love the Evolution system and so far the house is much more comfortable.

I had asked the dealer to get me a quote on the Bryant extended 10 year labor warranty, and they finally got back to me.

Here's the equipment that was installed:

Furnace: 355CAV060080 3-stage variable speed gas furnace

A/C Condenser: 187BNA036 two stage condensing unit

Evaporator coil: CNPVP4821ATA coil

Controller: SYSTXBBUID01C Evolution System Control

Also installed:

Bryant (Aprilaire) 600 series bypass humidifier

Bryant (Aprilaire) 2410 filter media cabinet

The total for the system was $9495.00 installed and I have a total of just over $2000.00 in rebates/tax credits coming back from Bryant/local utility/Federal Tax credit for a net of about $7400.00

The quote for the Bryant 10 year labor extended warranty is $550.00

This seems pretty reasonable for the coverage and based on the pricing I received on the system. The dealer said that they don't mark up the extended warranty, but just pass the cost through from Bryant.

I've been very pleased with this dealer through the whole process and I'm trying to decide if I should purchase the warranty. The peace of mind and knowledge that I've got parts AND labor covered not the system for the next 10 years (not including annual cleaning/maintenance, or course) seems worth it to me for ~$50 per year.

Does anyone have feedback for me on the pricing? It seems like a reasonable price for the labor warranty.

Thanks again for all the help.


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Generally, the rule of thumb for the Ext warranty for labor is 10% of the purchase price so yes I would say the price is very good.

You want to be certain this warranty is through Bryant, no third party warranty is worth a hoot!


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Thanks again, Tiger.

It is supposed to be the extended warranty from Bryant... I think I'll confirm with the dealer again, and if it is Brant's warranty, I'll go ahead and buy it.


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Can't go wrong with that price if it is a Bryant warranty.

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