Miele Wish List

cyberspacerJuly 11, 2011

I, for one, would like to see some of these items in future Miele laundry products:

1. True Custom programs where you can choose not only spin speed and water temperature, but wash speed rhythms and water levels, as well.

2. Control panel organized by wash rhythm. An icon that could explain the wash rhythm would be nice. The older machines have a "handwash" symbol on cycles that use very slow tumbling speed.

3. Anti-crease at the end of cycle in the super large washer.

4. Tumble dryer with selectable time dry cycle

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Have you sent this list to Miele?

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My Miele wish list is not too big, but it would be to once and for all call Pre-Wash, PRE WASH and not heavy soil. So insanely stupid!

Also want more options for the dryer, besides 15 min cold and 45 warm. I would like to be able to set the dryer from 5 mins to 60 mins and CHOOSE the temp myself!

Anti-Crease at the end of each wash cycle would be great.

Also, like Samsung and Electrolux...I would LOVE to be able to turn the drum light on during the wash or dry cycles, but would especially like to do it during the wash cycle!!

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@larsi - I keep a small flashlight handy now, so I can look at what's going on inside my Miele, and check suds level in rinses. A built-in light, like our ovens, would be nice. ;o)

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@ Cavimum...

I also do the flashlight thing, and I also installed LED ceiling mounted, swiveling LED track lights. When on, they almost illuminate the washer and dryer cavities as well as the machine's interior lights. And they make my laundry room look really cool, high tech and sleek :)

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@larsi - Oh, well, now, you have really raised the bar here! (LOL)

After all we spent on the laundry room makeover - "HOW MUCH for the laundry room, BEFORE we buy the machines???" - to make room for The Beasts a/k/a the Mieles w/pedestals, my DH would put his foot down with new lighting.

The flashlight is cheaper. ;-)
I shall live in envy of your high tech laundry room. (~drools~)

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Here's another:

Stackable super large capacity set (or European size stackable with gas dryer).

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What I would want? 220V, high-wattage internal heaters and a cold water only fed machine. Can't think why anyone would pay Miele prices without same. Fortunately, I already own some (and a spare!) of these old-style machines, so I'm set for life. But I cringe when I see the Miele machines for sale now. They're a pale shadow of what they might be.


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Fine, I'll bite.

  • Water hardness detection like Miele has had in its dishwashers for years.
  • Detergent dosage recommendation factoring load size and water hardness.
  • Allow access to all options in any program mode.
  • Allow me to save five of my favorite programs and recall at the touch of a button.
  • Allow me to indicate what time to start a load (i.e., 9:00 pm) instead of just entering a delay in number of hours. Their dishwashers already do this.
  • Add a turbidity sensor (again, their dishwashers have this) to determine rinse effectiveness.
  • Mirror as much of this functionality as possible on the dryer, with more programming options.
  • 220v option w/ a 205F wash for those who want it.
  • Do not allow machine to fill if detergent drawer is not in place.
  • Improve the lint filter design in the dryer - the current design lets too much lint get through and is a mess to clean.
  • Allow user to program number and depth of rinses.
  • True "profile wash" option.
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The Little Giants seem to hit most of your bullet points. Sadly, other than booking a flight to a foreign city somewhere, I will never have the chance to see them in person.

Anyway, to expand on your items. The washing machine should be able to heat the water to 205 even at 120v. If the user doesn't care that it takes an extra 45 min to get there, the so be it.

And how about as many front panel color options as your dishwashers offer? It is funny that I have heard the phrase, "At , we're bringing the laundry room out of the basement." Then they offer the most offensive color choices you can imagine. And oh, this model is available in white or green. And this other model is available in red or white. But if you want a blue one, well we only offer that color in this model. WTH?

Sorry for the rant.

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The Little Giants are great, except for their reduced capacity and over $7,000 price tag! :)

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Here another one.

Variable speed tumbling to prevent a small load from getting stuck underneath the tumble paddles from too fast drum speed. I think something like this is already available in Germany.

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Miele washers adapt the drum speed to the load size. Large loads are tumbled fast and small ones slower. Don't the US units have that ability, too? In the video, the washer is tricked into thinking it's a large load by opening the door after the load sensing phase.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fast Tumbling Demo

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My W4842 tumbles at that speed in the Extra White cycle. It tumbles at high speed regardless of how much laundry is in the machine. I think we are giving far too much credit to the machine for its "intelligence" when it is nothing more than speculation. People are saying oh, the Mieles do this tumble pattern and this intelligence depending on load size, blah blah. Really? Where does Miele say this about the W4842? I don't see this described in any of Miele's consumer or technical documents. So where is this information coming from? It's like saying "don't use vinegar in the Miele" but when you call Miele they tell you it's just fine. Where is this information coming from?

Whether I stuff my W4842 chock full or clothes or fill it only 1/2 full, it still tumbles exactly the same. The only thing that changes is the amount of water used. Let's not make these machines out to be smarter than they really are.

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@whirlpoo_trainee and shrivasta

Ooopppps. I forgot to mention I was referring to variable tumble speed in the dryer, not the washer.

However, whirlpool_trainee is half right.

While most normal rhythm wash programs do have a set speed, it does have two phases regardless of load size. In short, there is a faster wetting phase in the beginning of the tumble and then a slower soak phase in the second half of the tumble before it stop and repeats the same motion in the opposite direction. This is not new to Miele and you can see in action if you watch it action for a few minutes. During the second half, slower phase of the tumble, you can see the items inside forming a smaller "tumbling circle."

What whirlpool_trainee is referring to in the video is referred to as Spin Clean (or something like that - it was explained to me by a showroom rep years ago and I actually witnessed it), and it was a technology introduced in washer beginning with the W4800 and W3033 series machines. It is strangely enough not something that Miele has really marketed. It is great engineering so why they don't tout it is beyond me. Anyway...

How it works? On certain large and or bulky loads, the items that get clean are the ones on the outer circle (closer to the outside of the drum) of the tumbling because they have what we referred to here on this forum long ago as "fall height". The center of the load doesn't get this action. Thus on these large loads cleaning action is compromised because the center of the load lacks this fall height.

To compensate, the washer detects some of these larger/bulky loads and switches on Spin Clean action. It doesn't not do it for every single load. The tumbling now is modified to employ the special mechanical action. It starts out at regular speed so the outer circle of items has fall height. After a few seconds (I'm not sure how many), the drum speeds up more. What happens at this speed-up phase is that the items in the center (the ones without the fall height) start to move outward toward the drum and fall height, i.e. cleanability, is created for these items too.

The video whirlpool_trainee links to does the action on a small load on what appears to be a foreign Miele. For made for US market machines, it selectively switches on when it detects larger/bulky loads. It isn't the best example, but I think it is enough of a visual to understand the concept.

Some folks here had been complaining about the W4800 series machines pausing by themselves. I suspect that the sensors that are used to detect a child or pet in the machine maybe the one that trip the Spin Clean action, too.

There you have it.

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In re-reading my prior post, I hope I didn't offend anyone. I was just venting in general, not directing my remarks at any specific individuals. Even though what you describe sounds logical and makes sense, it's difficult to believe since it is not mentioned anywhere in Miele's promotional or service materials.

Where did you get the information that "Spin Clean" was introduced with the W4800 and W3033? Where is that information available?

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"The video whirlpool_trainee links to does the action on a small load on what appears to be a foreign Miele."

Yes, it's a UK Miele tricked into thinking it's washing a full load. Hm, maybe the US Miele software is as dumbed-down as the manuals? ;-) I can definitely say that (foreign?)
Miele washers are very smart. All parts of the cycle adapt to different load situations. Water level, tumble rhythm, spin cycle... It's interesting to watch - if one has the time.

SpinClean was mentioned in one of Miele's US press releases.


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sshrivastava, I have visited the Miele showrooms and discussed this feature with a very competent showroom manager a while back when the W4840 was released. If you are still doubting the veracity of my information, I would suggest you wash a big heavy load of towels on a 1 hr. plus cycle so you can see it for yourself. That was what was being washed during my showroom visit.

It truly is a work of ingenuity, and I'm sure you'll love your W4800 series machine even more now realizing you have this great feature you didn't know about.

There is an English language Miele Pressroom site on the Miele.de website. There may be mention of this technology there but an Internet search doesn't really pull up anything. So curious because this could be great marketing for Miele and is definitely a competitive advantage.

I have a W1215 set and it does not have spin clean. It came only when W4800 and W3033 series arrived. I once saw a video that explains this even better than whirlpool-trainees vid. And I have seen the W4840 functioning this way myself.

Let me know if you were able to get it to work and what you think. I'm still jonesing for a W4842 set, but my W1215 does such a great job there really isn't a good reason to replace it yet except for a slight advantage in capacity.

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I found mention of this "spin clean" on the US website. It's even trade marked.

"SpinCleanTM ensures that larger volume loads are cleaned thoroughly, without excess wear, by manipulating the drum rhythms to ensure superior results and longevity."

Here is a link that might be useful: Miele Spin Clean

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Variable tumble speed in the dryer? This is the first I have heard of it. I thought they only reversed.


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From the Miele web site:The new Honeycomb CareTM Collection also comes equipped with a child lock, self-diagnostics that tell you when there's a problem and a PC Update so that programming can be enhanced to add additional settings in the future as technology improves. This was the last paragraph of the page Livebetter linked to. Check out the bold portion. While Miele says this in their marketing stuff, their actions speak the opposite. No update was made to the W4840 to add new cycles when the W4842 came out. If a consumer relies on the above statement for their purchase, but is then excluded from updates to new features, I see cause for a lawsuit.

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@ livebetter

Thanks for the link to Spin Clean. This is honestly the first I've read of this feature for my machine. I will definitely be spending more time watching my loads tumble. As if I wasn't obsessed enough already! LOL

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@livebetter. Bingo! I could not find anything on a Google search. Glad you found proof for my post.

@sshrivastava, agreed. Not sure why Miele touts the PC update if they haven't, to the best of my knowledge, ever used it to update existing products.

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@ mrb627, US market Miele dryers don't have variable tumble speeds. The reason for my wish list request for Miele to implement this feature is because sometimes you dry really small loads that end up getting stuck in the paddles as the drum rotates. The end result is that you get a false "dry": you clothes are still wet and with wrinkles. If the tumble speed was lowered, then them items could actually tumble and dry.

I believe their latest dryer does slow or stop altogether for delicate items. I surmise that the reduced tumbling reduces wear and tear on delicates. So the technology is there but being used for a different application.

As usual, it takes some time for the technology and feature designed for German market to hit our shores. Maybe in some future generations of Miele laundry products, the feature will be added.

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