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lydie325November 4, 2012

My daughter lives in northern Illinois. She has a two-story house with an unfinished basement, and about 2200 square feet of finished space. In the summer the second floor is hot, and in the winter it's freezing. The house is about 45 years old, and the furnace is about seven years old. I know some two-story houses have a second furnace and AC. How easy is it to add another furnace to an older home? Would it go in the basement? She has lived there about three years, and although she has had the furnace serviced, she really doesn't have a company she knows and trusts. She added more insulation when she moved in. Thanks for any help.

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You will need to run a separate duct work system to the second floor if you add a second furnace and AC. It may be very difficult to do this from the basement. It may be more practical to install the furnace in the attic and run a new set of ducts.

I would first see why the current furance is having problems before spending money on a second furnace. The key is to find someone competent.

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Agree with Mike.

Have the duct sizing checked out. Undersized ductwork is a likely reason for what she has happening.

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"Undersized ductwork is a likely reason for what she has happening."

How about inadequate attic/ceiling insulation? Or air infiltration? Or duct leaks?

It's pretty hard to diagnose from a distance, don't you think?

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All of these could be contributing to the problem. I recommend all of these items should be reviewed before you call in a contractor to add a second furnace.

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