Miele washer alternative.

vanskyJuly 12, 2010

Hello, I've owned 2 Miele washers in the past, including the W1113. I'm a huge fan. There's a pride of ownership that comes with owning a Miele that you just don't get with other appliances

Unfortunately, I had to sell my Miele when I moved overseas. It was really a crime - I had to sell them for next to nothing since nobody knows what a Miele is, and those that do have the money to buy them new.

So my question is, I'm in the market now for a new washer and is there anything comparable for less money? I'm hooked on how clean a Miele washer gets your clothes without trashing them. Other washers seem to just trash them without getting as clean.

If I don't find anything else, I'll just have to find a used one and have it shipped to me or bite the bullet and buy a new one. Any input would be appreciated.

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Try ASKO machines (I believe you can still get 220V models from them, but not from Miele any more.)

I adore my older Mieles, and have also owned Askos for nearly two decades. Not quite the same build quality, of course, but very satisfactory none th less. In some ways I think ASKO may wash even better than Miele.

Other than that, consider Bosch or AEG, espcially if you are near enonugh to Canada to easily purchase an AEG.


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Hi Vansky,

the only brand as sturdy as Miele is Speed Queen, but you would be very disappointed by the lack of options (it's kind of a laundromat style machine)

As Liriodendron wrote other brands are no more close to Miele quality as they did decades ago. Stay away from AEG : Electrolux closed the german factory in Nuremberg 3 years ago, since then every AEG washers are made by Zanussi-Electrolux in Italy. You pay an AEG price to have Zanussi quality (actually not a bargain ...)

BTW why don't you spot used Miele on craiglist ?
Many 10 y.o. machines are even more interesting than current 120 V models

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As hidroman said, Speed Queen is good, and I'm extremely happy with mine after giving up on Miele BUT a Speed Queen IS NOT a Miele.

If you're after a Miele, then nothing else will do. Every time you go to use a Speed Queen or Asko or AEG machine you will think to yourself "I should have bought a Miele."

If you can wait it out, Craigslist or Kijiji can produce older Miele machines for next to nothing (as you know!) You can buy a used $100 Whirlpool washer in the meantime and sell it for what you paid when you find a Miele.

I've told many people the same thing, if you have your heart set on a Miele/Toyota/Yugo/whatever then that's the only option, anything else will be a disappointment.

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Miele: "Anything else is a compromise"

Miele has used this slogan for years & years, and it is actually pretty true!

Over the last 2 decades, I've tried a Frigidaire, Samsung VRT and an Electrolux Wave Set...and I ALWAYS return to Miele. Nothing, Nothing compares to the build quality, materials used and the cleanlines and gentleness.

If you really have your heart set on a Miele, GET ONE! You will always regret not having one! I tried several times to convince myself that the Samnsung or Electrolux is just as good (and they are not necessarily bad), but Miele is just the best!

With Miele, it's kind of like with a BMW or a Mercedes. Yes, the VW or the Honda will basically do the same things...but the quality, attention to detail and sheer performance of the BMW or MBZ is in it's own league. Miele really is it's own category. Other machines, like Electrolux, has more options, cooler graphics, is MUCH quieter, etc.., but it's not a Miele!!! :)

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I'll second the recommendation for Asko machines. We have a dishwasher (8 yrs old) and washer/dryer set (1 yr old) and we are very happy with all of them. Our washer/dryer are 220v, washer plugs into the dryer so one outlet serves them both.

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We have the same ASKO dishwasher for fourteen (14) years now and still going strong. However, Hidroman has a keen sense of where ASKO is today with its products (and other brands as well) and I would consider his advice.

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Wow, thank you for all the responses. It seems like I brought all the Miele fans out of closet. Where's Steve Jobs? =)

liriodendron - You said that you thought it washed better than a Miele. Do you mean cleanliness and/or fabric care?

fahrenheit, steve - how is the fabric care on the Askos?

bean, hidroman - I will just have to wait for a Miele to come up locally. I searched the all of craigslist nationally and found quite a few for cheap, but then I'd have to find some movers willing to move it.

larsi - You're probably right. Out of all the stuff I owned, the only thing that came kind of close as far as pride of ownership was my Loewe TV, another German brand!

Unless Asko and the other brands are as gentle on fabric, I guess I'll be waiting for a used Miele. I'm a guy and I'm a stickler for fabric care - I don't see the point in spending money buying nice clothes if you don't have a proper washer to take care of them. Also the Miele wash cleanliness is something I'm completely hooked on now - I can't go back. I'm currently in Boston and people use shared coin up laundry here - yikes!

BTW, I may be opening a can of worms, but are the newer 120v Mieles as good?

Again, thank you for all of your responses.

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Fagor-Brandt FA-5812 (white) or FA-5812x (stainless steel look)

220V/10A (2200w)
heats water up to 195ºF
15 1/2 lb (7kg) capacity (larger than Miele's 240V washers were)
titled drum and 13" door opening
pushbutton door opener

The stackable ventless condensation dryer is the largest available in the U.S. - also 7kg/15.5 lb.
They offer a choice of dumping condensed water down the washer drain or into a removable bin - like Miele but unlike Bosch or Asko.

Fagor has a 220V combo washer/dryer on the way next month too. Only 6Kg for that one though.

AEG 220V washers are also available in the U.S. from a Canadian distibutor. They're now based on an Electrolux design.

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"There's a pride of ownership that comes with owning a Miele that you just don't get with other appliances"

You pretty much stated your position there. You'd be a fool not to get what you are in love with since it wouldn't matter how good the alternatives are, you would never be satisfied with it. Get what you want. If you spend that much on clothes, what's a couple thousand more for a washer? Personally I'd look at having my laundry done, but I suspect a good part of the machine is status symbol to you so just bite the bullet and do it. Looking for used, then ship, then risk problems, I don't think you would be happy with it.

And I've been seeing a lot of unhappy people with the 110 versions after they've owned a 220 set, but then again, many look at the name only. When it's all boiled down, it'll wash your clothes. Isn't that what you should want?

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Hmm, I'm sure I would have noticed if a lot of people who owned a 240V Miele washer, and then a 120V one, had shown up here or on automaticwasher.org, happy or not. I guess you're talking about people you've met IRL.

Of course, such people could give the most credible answer to vansky's question whether the 120V models are as good. Since they aren't saying, I'll throw in my two cents. I'm very pleased with my W4840. It gets everything far cleaner than my old agitator TL, and I haven't experienced any of the often-mentioned FL problems. Much less dryer lint, which I equate to gentler washing. I wouldn't consider one of the 240V models, even if they were still available new in the US, because my wife wouldn't accept a small machine. Here's my view on the W48XX's disadvantages compared to the 240V models:

No boil wash: Boil wash would just be an interesting novelty to me, because I don't own any white pure cotton items that could stand up to it. And my wife wouldn't be willing to switch to white towels and bed linens (if you can find pure cotton ones with no synthetic trimming or threads) just so I could have fun boil-washing them. vansky, I doubt you're going to boil-wash your nice clothes :-)

Slower heating: This affects only washes at >=120degF, and it isn't a big deal to me.

Non-metallic outer drum: Haven't heard of it causing any problems, so I'll assume Miele has used a suitable material.

Tilted drum: Maybe there is some truth to the claim that tilted drums cause twisting. I do get some twisting when I do a load of long-sleeve shirts. Twisted, not braided, and I can live with it.

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Thanks Lee, cynic, and suburban.

I'm close to picking up an Asko W640 Quattro used. Anyone know if that model's any good? Either that or a Bosch, but a used Bosch goes for as much as a used Miele, so I might as well wait.

As far as the status symbol thing, it's not about status symbol with Miele washers. It's really about the fabric care.

I guess I wouldn't mind picking one of the 120v ones if they ever show up used. It's amazing that 240v models sell for $400 used. When I was in Australia, these things go for A LOT new. Too bad they don't have resell value here.

The fact that we're having this discussion tells me we're all laundry aficionados!

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@Vansky: DO NOT BUY AN ASKO W/ A 3-DIGIT MODEL NUMBER! I have read many reports of these products failing prematurely and having an unusually high repair/failure rate. The move to 4-digit product numbers (i.e., W6761) also represents a move to a different chassis and design with much higher reliability. I had a W6761 purchased in 2002-2003 and just sold it earlier this year when I bought my XXL Miele machine. The Asko still worked like a dream after 7-8 years. I would NOT risk buying a W640.

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Hi sshrivastava, point taken. I didn't have a good feeling about it, your input is definitely helpful.

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I own the Miele 4842 along with the dryer which I purchased a few months ago and I swear I do not know what the big fuss is about. They are fine, but nothing special over other quality brands. I do like their customer service.

Personally, I would just purchase a nice quality machine and if you want a Miele later, you can sell this one and purchase the Miele when you have more money. It is not worth fretting over as you are not going to see a dramatic difference and the other machines also have some advantages over the Miele.

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Kingscreek, i dunno about the new US models, but the smaller ones had build quality that i've never seen in any other appliance. in addition, with the right detergent and water, the washing results are perfect.

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I agree. They are built well. I just would not sacrifice to purchase them. I firmly believe that the other quality machines clean as well(especially ones with an internal heater).

The washer also takes an awfully long time to wash a load for normal use. If I could choose, I would have two sets of washer/dryers, letting the Miele be my secondary washer.

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Surely you jest. ;)

And now ... back to your regularly scheduled programming.

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@kingscreek, could you elaborate on what other brands specifically you think have some advantages over Miele.

I am poised to buy a new set and I would like the Miele pair (W48XX). I don't have to "sacrifice" to buy them but the door and venting configurations are not great for my laundry set up.

I have been contemplating whether something else would be just as good (or close) and would fit in with my configurations better. I don't like the Electrolux automatic door buttons but am considering a Bosch Vision 800 set (although I don't think these have reverse tumble on the dryer).

I looked at the W48XX at the Miele Gallery again today ... nothing compares to the build quality.

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"....the door and venting configurations are not great for my laundry set up."

I'll bet that's the nut for countless prospects in the USA. Almost all laundry set-ups over here are water/drain left; dryer/vent right. What were they thinking? Almost like trying to sell right-hand-drive vehicles for American roads.

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I'm surprised nobody has mentioned the Bosch 24460 and 20160. Both are 240V, 7kg machines and though the build quality isn't quite in Miele's league, they're still solidly made (in Germany). I wish the controls were better - they give little indication as to what the washer is doing, and the temperature selections are in too-large increments. Otherwise they are very nice (and space-efficient) machines and they clean well.

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Looking for a washer for my sister. She only has 110v for the washer. Besides the US Miele models, does anyone have any suggestions?

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Looking at the Samsungs with the diamond drum. Seems like a lot of washer for the money. The Mieles cost 3-4 times as much.

I wonder if the fabric care on the Samsungs are good? The diamond drum is what caught my eye.

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Vansky said: Looking at the Samsungs with the diamond drum. Seems like a lot of washer for the money. The Mieles cost 3-4 times as much.

Where did you get your figures? The top-of-the-line Samsung washer and dryer combo can be purchased for approx. $2,500 at discount. The top-of-the-line Miele W4842 and T9802 can be purchased for $3,200 at discount. That makes the Mieles 28% more expensive than the Samsung pair.

Where on earth did you get 3-4x as expensive? Using your math, the Mieles would then cost $7,500-$10,000. That's absolutely false.

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LiveBetter, sorry for the delay. I have to say I like the look of the Electrolux. People have been hesitant because of the door, but I think you will be fine. I like the large drum.

The Whirlpool is not bad either - it has a large washing capacity and they have been reliable machines. Not as exciting, but workhorses and good service. People like the Bosch, but it is smaller. LG, I am not sure about, but I have not read cleaning complaints. Just remember, when you are washing, if you stuff the machine your things have more of a tendency to wrinkle, so of course the smaller machines will have to wash more loads.

Also, when you read the boards notice what the complaints are about - not the cleaning ability, but the problems with a machine or the service. So who is really to know what machine cleans better other than whites in the machines that can get really hot water - the 220 volt (which I would surely love to see one day as the reputation is almost mythical)?

I do hope you will let me know what you choose and if you like it. I think I would try the Electrolux if I were you, but the Miele is nice too - just not as convenient if you have lots of laundry to do.

By the way I have read a few things about Miele that I disagree with. I do not think the Miele are noisy at all. I have read that more than once on this board - and they don't shake either. Another worry I read often is whether they can wash king sized quilts, ect, - there is no problem in doing so.

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Just looking at the washers, not the combo. Saw a Samsung washer normally $800 go for $570 at best buy. Don't think it was the top of line though with silvercare. The lower end US Miele, I see are going for $1700 just for the washer alone. I didn't see combo pricing. So I guess it's more of a 2-3x more expensive. Though I assume the Miele has the built-in heater and the Samsung doesn't.

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Do NOT get anything that doesn't have an on-board heater.

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Well I finally saw the Samsung & Electrolux washers in person. I guess I was expecting too much having owned several Mieles, but it looked nothing like the digitally enhanced pictures and the build quality wasn't anything to write home about.

I couldn't tell any difference in build quality between the Sammys and the Electroluxes, so I don't know where the extra money for the Electroluxes goes to. I personally wouldn't spend more than $500-600 on a Samsung washer based upon what I saw.

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Vanksy, your argument makes no sense. You found some Samsung on sale for $570 at Best Buy and you're comparing that to a $1,700 Miele? What model numbers are you comparing? I mean honestly! I can go out and find an entry level Ford on closeout, compare that to a top-of-the-line Mercedes and declare the Mercedes 10x more expensive. Your comparison is just not valid.

I agree with you about build quality. I broke two Samsung pin trap doors at the local Lowes just by trying to open them. The plastic tab snapped right off. You couldn't pay me to have these crap units in my house. All cheap plastic. I'm amused how they are marketing technology and fancy displays - the things that are really inexpensive to produce - yet build quality is nowhere to be found in many of today's machines.

We have become a disposable society, but I can promise you that I will never buy into that sort of thing. With every washer and dryer we build, we do so at the expense of our plant and its resources. When I buy one, I plan on having it for a long time. I had my Askos for 8 years, and they were way ahead of their time w/ digital displays and awesome programmability. I switched to the Mieles for capacity reasons, and sold the Asko pair for $600. They went to a good home.

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sshrivastava - i was just checking to see what the alternatives were for my sister. i don't think she's willing to splurge on a miele. i did notice the same thing with the door handles on the sammy. your mercedes/ford analogy is probably apt. the german mentality is just different - they build things to last, whereas the other brands seem to be meant to be tossed after 2-3 years.

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