Electrolux IQ Touch pair first impressions

Jean PopowitzJuly 6, 2010

Hi! I'm an infrequent poster but long-time GW member. I first found the GW when I did a search on my Maytag Neptune FL in '05 and found out what a mistake I made buying them. I've purchased several different W/D sets (yeah, moved 3 times since). The last was the Cabrio set, which did a fine job but could never really handle my king-sized blankets without rocking across the floor. I swore I'd never buy another FL after my Neptune fiasco, but we having an aging dog who sleeps on our bed.....

After reading nearly every post here, I bit the bullet and purchased the Electrolux IQ Touch pair which were delivered last Friday. I chose them because of the capacity and ability to reverse door swings on each. Got the IQ instead of the Wave to save $$ to justify springing for the mediterranean blue! Started washing our bedding while the movers were unloading the truck and I-am-SHOCKED at the difference in performance! Everything came out so much cleaner and the colors that I thought were just faded look like new, including a dingy 10 year-old beige cotton blanket that returned to cream. I used the same detergent as always (Kirkland HE no-fragrance liquid) and nothing else. We do have a water softener but had one at our last home too. As far as the dryer, my King quilt (which used to take two dry cycles in the Cabrio), was dry in 45 minutes and didn't end up in a ball with a wet center.

I was concerned about having to leave the door open with the lighted interior, but was happy to find the light goes out after a minute or two. Drying the gasket is a bit annoying but will compel me to do all my wash on one day which I generally do anyway...yeah, Monday's wash-day!

Love the chime at the end of the cycle! LOVE the scent of the interior--does anyone know what it is? Will it go away?


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I'm happy to see you post that you are happy with your Electrolux. I have to pick out a new set asap as our washer is dead. Looks like they have a great deal at Sears on the Wave Touch, so it is topping my list right now. Out of curiosity, did you get the extended warranty? I also noticed the Electrolux offers a extended warranty, but don't know what the prices are on it. Do you?

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Judy, I noticed the scent when I first got the machines about a month ago, too! It was so nice and left the whole downstairs of the house smelling pleasant! I can still smell it if I put my head into the washer, but it is going away. :( It didn't really impart the smell to the clothes (maybe a little at the beginning).

techigirl, I found a post on the Electrolux extended warranty that is helpful. I would go for the Sears deal, it is great!

Here is a link that might be useful: Electrolux extended warranty

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Jean Popowitz

Sorry, power outages in NJ...couldn't come back on until now! I did not get the extended warranty; sorry I can't help there.

I believe that new models are coming out shortly which is why there are good sales right now.

podge8, I wish I knew what was making the scent so I could get more; it's very nice. Doesn't bother my allergies either.

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This is week three with my IQ Touch pair. With the two of us, four cats and three parrots I'm doing two to three washes daily. I've been using Persil and I am over the top pleased with the wash results. Some readers may remember that I got the pair because of one cat urinating. Well, the problem is still there, but the washer/dryer does a great job on Queen size comforters. I only wish it could fit my living room love seat. I'm trying every product to save that. The washer is very quiet - which is important since I am on the fourth floor. For me, this washer dryer is an answer to all my laundry needs - except for that darn love seat.

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Does the IQ dryer have the high pitch whine that the Wave Touch machines have?

Anyone have a Wave Touch that doesn't whine?

Repair guy will be coming tomorrow. DH thinks he can do something, but I figured the two of them together might be able to come up with a solution (and it will be faster :-)

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I have had the Wave Touch set for about 3 weeks. The washer is very quiet. The dryer is not as quiet as I was expecting -- definitely know it is on when it is running. As for a "whine", I can't say that I've noticed that but will pay attention. (I know there isn't a whine on the washer as it is so quiet I almost forget it is running).

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Jean Popowitz

Electroluxor--I have the same issue, except with my aging dog and my leather full-size sofa. I'm going to try spraying it with a vinegar solution from the inside of the cushion. I am ready to ditch the sofa if this doesn't work.

Jeri--my IQ dryer just sounds like a dryer. I can hear the buttons on the jeans hitting the sides, the heater cycling on and off and a gentle whirring of the drum rotating. I don't mind laundry sounds, but a whine would bother me.

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I read somewhere that using a rigid dryer vent versus the flexible one helps the whine.

I understand pet urine on furniture. I tried cleaning mine, but ended up replacing. The new set allows me to replace the stuffing via zipper access in case a accident ever happens again. I would make sure if you replace you get something with detachable cushions or at least access to the stuffing.

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Yes Whirlpool Trainee, that is it! It is just at the right pitch to grate on ones nerves. Do you have any suggestions for fixing it?

I agree - the washing machine is so quiet you don't even know it is on.

Sounds like not everyone has this problem? The repair guy is coming today and my handy DH will be there. I'm hoping between the two of them they can find a solution.

I'll have DH check the dryer vent.

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I have the same whine on my wave touch dryer! Exact pitch and everything. Mine doesn't seem nearly as loud as yours, though! Perhaps it's the camera picking up that pitch more than others? But it's definitely there on mine. I have it hooked up with a periscope vent, so no flexible vent. Perhaps that might make it a little quieter?

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That isnÂt my machine  mine is louder :-(

IÂve started a new thread so I can keep all the discussion together there.

I will try the periscope.

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My Wave Touch whine is just a slight higher pitch, but yes it is there and did it on the other set i returned. I went from semi rigid pipe to rigid pipe and it didn't make any difference, so i will be so happy if you come back with a solution!! Also, the noise is coming outside also, so you hear that when the dryer is on and you go outside.

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