Washer: Water smells BAD after adding clothes?

kataiJuly 1, 2010

Generally, on the first load of laundry, I'll start the wash, add detergent, wait a little, no smell mind you, and then add laundry. At this point a rather foul smell, always the same, of something similar to rotten eggs I suppose? I've never smelt rotten eggs but I imagine thats it. Its always on the first load, and always after clothing added.

Clothes don't smell like it. Just the smell pops up and fills the room. Washer has never done this before. Top loader..

any ideas?

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It could be your hot water heater. Here is an article about the smell you are describing.

Here is a link that might be useful: Water Heater Odors

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It's possible the odor is coming from sewer or septic tank. That happened to a neighbor of mine.

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