gas vs electric dryer???

minnbobberJuly 2, 2013

always had gas dryer but current one's controls are going out. doesn't want to turn on unless you push down on knob,and then only runs on air only cycle.

I see many more electric models. Any advice on gas vs electric? I'm in MN.
I'm guessing gas is slightly cheaper to operate but slightly more expensive upfront...
Any comments on which works better?

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Neither is better but...

Electric Dryer Pros

Initial costs for electric powered dryers are lower than the gas model. Various models are also available on the market. The wide price range is convenient for buyers. Electric dryers can be installed just about anywhere. Not much equipment is necessary to install and run the dryer. Most apartments and homes already have the wiring in place. You simply need to plug in the dryer.

Electric Dryer Cons

Electric-powered dryers rate poorly in energy efficiency. The electric coil takes some time before it can be sufficiently hot. In the process more energy is utilized. It also takes more electric energy to complete a drying cycle than gas. Faster wear and tear from the laundry cycle is more likely with electric than gas dryers. Electricity is also higher priced than gas. This contributes to higher running costs.

Gas Dryer Pros

Natural gas is cheaper than electricity in most areas. This makes the gas option more cost-effective. Gas dryers utilize less energy to dry clothes than the electric model. The gas burner heats up instantly so thereâÂÂs less energy used in heating up unlike the electric coil. Gas dryers have a shorter drying cycle than the electric model. This is easier on fabrics which extends the life span of your clothes.

Gas Dryer Cons

Gas dryers cost more than the electric model. Gas models also come in a smaller range of designs. This restricts your options unlike electric-powered models. To use a gas dryer, the necessary gas infrastructure must be available in your neighborhood. If a gas hookup is unavailable, youâÂÂd have to get one installed. Your choices may be limited if youâÂÂre renting but if youâÂÂre a homeowner you have more flexibility when it comes to installing a gas line. The cost of installing a gas line may be costly. Special fittings and burners must be purchased. This adds to overall costs which may negate the lower running costs of gas dryers. Repair and maintenance of gas dryers usually calls for a qualified technician. Electric dryer repair tends to be less costly. Usually, youâÂÂll be able to troubleshoot problems yourself.

It's all about trade offs.

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Since you already have a gas dryer the added up front average cost of 50-100 dollars isnt a major deal. The long run reliability and energy efficiency always paid for not only the added cost on my gas dryers but the whole machine over the average 15-20 year lifetime Ive owned mine. We have always enjoyed the way our laundry was handled in our last 3 Maytag gas dryers.

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