Heat Pump Wont Cut Off When Heat Strip Comes On

hefty64November 18, 2011

I have Goodman heat pump. Had a new Aprilaire thermostat installed a couple of weeks ago. Heat Strip light would come on, but then the unit would cut off in a couple of minutes. Would not come back on until I swithced system on and off. Tech came out and thought it was bad relay (I think).. tested that and said was OK so must be tstat. Hw installed new American Standard Tstat.. Basic non probrammable.. now when i push stat up at times when heat strip would come on, unit says waiting.. will do this for hours... house gets warm, but unit (or at least fan) continues to run... as soon as I bump Tstat down 1 degreee, cuts off... Any ideas

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Your system is working correctly.

Under normal operation and as outside temps drop, your heat pump strip will activate with the outside condenser also running. Same is true if you bump thermostat setting up.


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What is mdl of HP condenser and inside air handler?

Also, post mdl number of new thermostat?

After reading your post again, you may need another look by another tech.

I'll say this. Leave thermostat alone for 24-48 hours without moving setting up and down. Observe operation and then post back.


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Tiger dunes... Thanks for replying. My original post may not have been clear.. With the Aprilaire Tstat, the heat strip light would come on, and then the unit would quit running... nothing...

With the new American Standard, the unit would just run and NEVER cut off unless I altered the Tstaat...However i ran the system throuhg its paces this weekend (finally cold enough again in Raleigh NC) and worked perfectly...

When I bumped up Tstat from 64 to 68.. the waiting light came on, in a minute or so, the aux heat light came on.. the system ran for a bit and the aux heat light went off then the normal heat light on Tstat came on.. then the unit shut down... Maybe just needed to run through a cycle?

I will check again when I am home on the weekend and can watch how the unit performs after bumping up tstat.

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Set thermostat where you normally like it and leave it alone. Period. Observe its operation over a 72 hour period.

No setbacks period.

Make note of conditions if any abnormal running condition.

Post back.


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