What information is missing from my AC replacement quotes

chickadee4November 13, 2013

I have handled all home repairs for the last 31 years.
I am struggling with choosing an AC replacement for the present home.

The home is clapboard construction with many windows in Connecticut. The oil heat services a 2900 sq foot home.

I would appreciate any guidance in how to decipher the following AC quotes.

Company X offers the following:
We propose to furnish the necessary labor and materials, for the replacement of the three existing hydro-air style HVAC systems, too more efficient and up to date equipment / systems. Quality Bryant air-handlers w/ECM motors and add-on cased hot water reheat coils with AirBear air filtration.

  1. Demolition, disposal, and removal of existing equipment and systems
  2. Bryant high efficient AHU's w/ hot-water cased coils and AirBear air-filtration
  3. Bryant 15+ Seer rated efficiency condensing units located on slate platforms
  4. Duct-work to consist of plenums and transitions as necessary
  5. New refrigeration piping for the main floor system; the other two line-sets will be flushed.
  6. EWC zone control system will be installed on the first-floor main system. (three zones total) Utilizing digital programmable thermostats throughout
  7. Hot water and condensate piping
  8. Low voltage wiring and terminations
  9. Systems start and test
    Total cost 28,850

Company two offers two SEER ratings a 16 and a 13:
The second quote offers two different seers and an option to install an additional zone/damper/stats

Bryant 16 SEER 2.5 tons legacy series AC w/puron 116BNA030
Bryant 16 SEER 3.5 tons legacy....... 116BNA042
Bryant legacy mutlipoise fan coil w/puron FX4DNF031T
Bryant legacy multipoise fan coil w puron FX4DNB043T
coper insulated lineset
condensate pump 15ft 115 V with safety switch
PvC condensate drain
goliath 30 x60 secondary drain pan with sfety float switch protection
outodoor unit pad
supply plenium adaptor
return air plenium adaptor
2v row hydro heat coil w/duct transition
hydro piping
labor to install
electric not included
cost is 13,875

a two zone system panel /dampers/stats trans wiring complete model 2 zone system is 1,420.

If we do a 13 SEEER system the cost would be 11,800

Any thoughts on AIr conditioner education would be appreciated.

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For company X, I want to see complete model numbers for air handlers, AC condensers, hydro coil, thermostat, and air bear filter cabinet.'


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I have three condensers: one services the loft area , the second services the main floor and the third services the second floor
I now see that Company X is changing out all three condensers , computed the electrician cost for the change in voltage, and has included the additional zone.

Company two does not have the loft unit replacement cost factored in and has the additional zone as an option.

Does the cost $28, 850 appear out of line for exchanging the failed 10 seer rheem units?

I have the 2nd company coming back to quote me on the replacement for the third loft unit.

I am awaiting an email response from Company X regarding model numbers , thermostat, hydro coil.....

30, 000 dollars seems to be an insane number to swap out the old ac. Yes I understand there are three condensers , air handlers and duct changes but....... I prefer to just open a window.

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Model numbers matter Without those from Company X, a forum member can not offer an informed opinion.


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