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danvirsseNovember 3, 2011

Hi, We are in the midst of a total renovation of a 1838 brick bungalow. Over the winter, we will be installing the new heating system. We are intending to use a hydronic pex radiant floor system. The majority of the project will be DIY, as DH and I both have a variety of skills. We've been considering using pexheat.com for the system design and materials. Have any of you had experiences with the company that you'd care to relate? Thanks much.


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Please explain pexheat. Is it hot water with the pipes under the floor and runs on an outside furnace. Thats what I have but don't know it as pexheat.

Here is a link that might be useful: Homesteading

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1hillbilly, It will be a radiant floor heat system, but in our case, a high effeciency gas fired boiler will be the heat source. Pexheat.com is a company on the web that offers materials and design services. We were wondering if anyone had experiences with the particular company.

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Google the name, or try combinations like 'companyname sucks' 'companyname issues' 'don't use companyname'

I usually do so before dealing with anyone for anything major, you'd be surprised.

Having said that, you will probably ONLY ever hear the negatives, not many people who aren't shills bother to mention good experiences.

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