Cast iron grill pan question

ynnejJune 4, 2012

I just got my very first cast iron pan! Very exciting. But I have a question- I'd like to try making grilled romaine on it, but I was thinking about doing a light breading on it. Is this a terrible idea? Is breading a no-no for cast iron?

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I think you'll end up with burnt breading & uncooked breading. And a big mess to clean up.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I hope you enjoy your new pan! I love my grill pan but never make anything with breading on it.

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Agreed, I can't off-hand imagine anything breaded benefiting from the uneven heat of the ridges. But I am interested in what you come up with. I've got a package of romaine hearts in the fridge...

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Hmmm. I just bought a package of romaine for $1.69 for three hearts, and I've never had romaine cooked, I mostly use it in place of bread for a "wrap". I might have to try that.

I agree, though, I wouldn't bread it and try to use that cast iron grill pan.


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I have never done it before. I don't know why it can't be done.

I am going to give that a try someday and give myself a chance to be embarassed. :-)


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Breaded things are best deep fried.
Can't really imagine breaded lettuce, grilled.....can't imagine un-breaded lettuce grilled!
I recommend things like sliced tomatoes and onions and peppers, grilled....add a few asparagus spears ( the fat ones are best) egg plant slices, long lengthwise slices of zucchini and some mushrooms, whole for the little ones, sliced for the big ones.
But.....lettuce is not one of the best things to grill...IMHO!

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I just tried it two ways. On my nonstick pan- major flop. Roasted- I really enjoyed it! Breaded it with parmesan and breadcrumbs and ate it with a vegetarian caesar dressing. Thanks for your advice- I'm glad I didn't use the grill pan. Can only imagine the mess I'd have on my hands.

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I've brushed halved hearts of romaine with caesar dressing and grilled it. It was all the rage in local restaurants, so I had to try it. It's really long as you don't cook it to death (askmehowIknow). Just a bit charred on a hot grill.

I don't think breading will work on the ridges, either....maybe some croutons or toasty bead crumbs over the top?

I hope you like your cast iron grill as much as I like mine.

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I cook exactly the same as LindaC on my cast iron grill pan, but I also use it for grilling fish, especially tuna and swordfish, although I have not bought swordfish in two years or so. Actually, I have two cast iron grill pans - the one with wide ridges I use for fish, and I use the narrow one for vegetables, and zucchini is my favorite, with mushrooms second, although I prefer mushrooms on the barbeque. Now that we are in Westchester instead of Venice, we tend to barbeque more because we are about three miles further from the beach and do not get the coastal fog quite as much, plus our access to the back yard is so much better than it was in Venice.

Why are you grilling inside instead of outside?


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