Top loader vs Front loader

pschwartzJuly 21, 2013

Lots of pros & cons to each and for everyone who says front loaders are the way to go, there's someone else who says: oh no.

My main concern w/ front loaders:
-cycle takes too long
-mildew/mold/smell issues
-feedback that they breakdown more

And top loaders?
-cycle also takes a while but not *as* long
-not as gentle on clothes
-use more water

So me out because my head is starting to hurt. How the heck do you figure out what to buy? I want a machine that is going to be reliable, gentle on clothes, clean effectively, have fairly large capacity (we do a lot of laundry) and not take forever to wash. Feedback please!

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Talk to your appliance dealer that sells both FL and TL. Also a repair man.....they can give you good advice about repairs. I love my smell because I leave the door open and also the dispenser open. Uses less water and my clothes get clean on the quick cycle....39 minutes. Normal cycle is 59 minutes. Uses so much less water than a TL. I have had TL's also and I believe a TL takes less space in your laundry room and gets clothes clean as well, but it is harder on your clothes and takes a lot more water. I would talk to a repair man and see what he advises.

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-cycle takes too long
Direct result of using less water

mildew/mold/smell issues
User error.

Leave door ajar when not in use.
Clean dispenser of fabric softener residue after last load.
Wiping gasket dry after last load really helps.
Running a sanitary or clean drum cycle once month/six weeks really helps.

feedback that they breakdown more
Nonsense. It has to do with each brand's manufacturing precision. In general TL from 30 years ago break down less than modern FL. Modern TL also break down more than TL from 30 years ago. Miele FL is as good as anything currently made.

TL cycle also takes a while but not *as* long
More water less time. Less water more time. Federal regulations is also limiting how much water TL use.

not as gentle on clothes

Direct result of agitator. HE TL with no agitator does not clean as well. For the HE concept to work properly the drum needs to be horizontal. Except for one obscure brand, that means FL

use more water
More water less time. Less time more water.

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The only analysis I dispute is that (traditional) TL are harder on clothes. I would clarify that to say an overloaded TL is harder on clothes than a FL.

When a TL is properly loaded, clothes turn over in the water by force of water currents, not the agitator beating against them. The agitator's primary function is to move water in such a way to create the currents necessary to turn the clothes over properly. Clothes touch the agitator, of course, but they shouldn't remain stationary in the water with the agitator beating on them. That's an overloaded TL machine.

If you really want to open a can of worms, try to compare rinse performance.

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