Maytag Bravos MVWB750WQ destroys clothes?

bug_girlJuly 19, 2011

I was thinking of trying to swap out the LG I got from home depot for the Maytag Maytag Bravos MVWB750WQ, because the woman on the phone said that one had more warm cycles like hot/warm or warm/warm and LH has no hot/warm/. I am big on warm because the soak gets left on there, but after read about 100 people saying it rips up the clothes, right on the home depot site by the way. I looked at the life's good reviews and all they had bad to say about WT5001C was either it did not clean or it knotted that clothes, but at least it was destroying them. I always thought Maytag was the best, and it would be more expensive for me to trade up. I mean 100 people can't be wrong, so I thought I would ask the users here if Maytag's bravos rip up clothes and towels.

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I had a Maytag Bravos washer which did not have an internal water heater, but I don't know if MVWB750WQ was its model number, or not. I had to replace it with the 850 model (which does have an internal water heater) when we had to replace our home water heater, so we could have true hot water washes.

Of these two Bravos washers, neither one has ever once caused any damage to clothes or towels or any other laundry. A friend wanted my old one, and she says it is the best washer she's ever had. I love mine too.

Are you saying that 100 people said the Maytag Bravos MVWB750WQ does this? To be honest, that's just very hard for me to believe, because, when I was researching washers before I bought my Bravos washers, the reviews I saw at the Home Depot website were overwhelmingly positive.

I'm not disputing your post, just wondering if perhaps you exaggerated/rounded off a bit too high, or maybe someone who got a lemon or sells another washer brand has posted false negative reports.

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Of the 100+ reviews that were posted, the average review gave the washer you mentioned more than 4 out of 5 stars.

Here is a link that might be useful: Home Depot reviews of that 750 model

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bug girl,

if you load the washer according to the user manual and choose the recommended cycle for that wash load; you'll be fine.

With any washer; disregard the recommendations and / or overload the washer & disappointments are a possibility.

The Bravos washers are very capable machines. I just installed a MVWB300 for my sister and she really likes the unit compared to her old agitator machine. She conceded that there was a brief learning curve regarding the load specific cycle choices. Unlike her old machine where the regular-normal cycle was fine for nearly every load.

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100 people can be wrong. I agree with mara that poor, dramatic reviews often outweigh the many good ones.

I noticed a lot of opinion and not much explanation for the random low scores -- except for some of the breakage and balance issues. That is a design function not user error.

Of course it could be a lemon but I'd talk to Home Depot about options first and check 5 or 6 sites, including this one.

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Overall what I could glean from the reviews is the Maytag is harsher on clothes then the LG. Better to have to wash the clothes twice then to buy all new clothes because they are sheared up. Then if I made the change, there would be no going back to the LG. Home depot is so awful, the will hardly let me return this one even, there is no way I do two returns.

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bug_girl, what reviews are you talking about? There are only 105 total reviews at that website (link is posted below), and the great majority are very positive. The average rating is more than 4 out of 5 stars!

I don't know if you have an axe to grind with Maytag, have a reason to promote LG, or what. I just know that the data you referenced does not support your statements.

Here is a link that might be useful: Here's that link again

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bug_girl, how did you "glean" from the reviews you mentioned (which are linked in my posts) that "the Maytag is (supposedly) harsher on clothes then the LG"?

LG washers aren't even mentioned in those reviews! I don't know what your statements are based on, but they're obviously not based on the reviews at Home Depot's website.

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Its not some big conspiracy or anything, but the Maytag negative reviews say the clothes are ripped up more often then the same negative reviews for the LG. I only read the negative reviews. In fact none of the LG reviews mention rips accept for one that is about a comforter. Look at the reviews starting from the lowest rating and check off how many people report ripped clothes. Maybe Maytag should try to make future machines more gentle. I am not promoting LG, why would I say, it leaves the clothes dirty and you have to wash them twice? If I was promoting would I not give LG nothing but glowing praise? The think the problem is the new machines use too little water and this is done by the EPA, but it won't save any water to wash the clothes twice. What a stupid waste of time to make low water machines. Just like low flow toilets that use even more water since you need to flush them twice or more. If this machine uses 60 percent less water and I have to wash the clothes twice, it now uses 20 percent more water.

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I get your point about the spirit of conservation but it's nothing like a toilet in function or purpose. Believing these machines use too little water to be effective can comfortably be classified an Old Wives' Tale.

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Its not a big problem to run the cycle twice, but why do you say it's an old wives tale? It all depends on how dirty your clothes are. I do a lot of gardening, but even with clothes that are not so dirty, I like the way they come out better when I run it twice. Warm is not very warm, and there is no hot/warm so I run hot/cold, then warm/warm. Warm is only tepid. If I run it this way the clothes come out nice in the LG. It was a matter for me learning to use it with all the ins and out of it.

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bug_girl: This is a direct quote from your OP:
"...100 people saying it rips up the clothes, right on the home depot site by the way."

Have you even looked at the link I posted, which takes you directly to the reviews at Home Depot's website, on the washer you named?

If so, you know that your statement above is completely untrue. There are ONLY 105 reviews IN ALL, and the great majority of them are positive! Did you not see that the AVERAGE rating is more than 4 stars out of 5 total?

I cannot understand why you have made these false statements, especially when it is so easy for anyone who can click on the link to see what the truth is.

Please GO BACK to that link and count the actual number of reviews that actually say that Maytag washer has torn up laundry as you said, and give us the corrected total, okay?

Maytag's washers ARE gentle; that statement is supported by the huge majority of reviews at that website.

Understand -- I do not own the washer model under discussion, I have no dog in this fight. I just hope you will quit making false statements, own up to your dishonesty here, and post a corrected statement which is based on FACT.

Unless you do this, I will have to believe you either have an axe to grind with Maytag, or else you have an agenda to promote LG, or both. Nothing else will make sense.

I have been reading and posting at this website for several years, and I have never once seen anything like the posts you've posted, plus your unwillingness (thus far) to own up to the truth. It is mind-boggling to me.

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You said the new machines use too little water; it's a waste of time to make them. This is an opinion based on emotion (personal preference, marketing, political, etc.) It's folklore, urban legend not based on current objective fact. Using unsubstantiated opinions, false equivalency or beliefs to support claims sometimes happens in the laundry forum. But mostly, the bad info here was called-out b/c the premise isn't even supported by the (subjective) source material.

I'm just reacting to the logic. (I don't own a Maytag or LG anything.) The issue about HE top loading machines being harsher isn't new, but it isn't a fair assessment in this instance.

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I know I said 100 people, but I was only looking at the 100 reviews number overall, I know they are not all bad, but I was under tremendous pressure to make a fast decision. Home Depot said, they would exchange it and I had less in one day to decide. I counted the number of reviews about 19 did not like it. But, the LG got far less negative reviews.

Under Maytag lowest ratings 1. Leaves spots on white clothes 2. stinks 3. Great if your clothes aren't really dirty 4. Buyer Beware 5. Worst Washer I Have Ever Owned 6. it broke again (if a penny gets in your washing machine, it will put a hole in the motor. We have had our machine serviced 7 times within the last two years. If you don't mind having the motor replaced every couple of months, it is great.) 7. don't buy 8. Not Impressed 9. Worse over time 10. Unwashed clothes ( If you put clothes in to wash you will notice that the ones on the top never move and hardly get wet ) also applies to LG, one must do smaller loads, just because it's big does not mean it can fit a lot of clothes. 11 Does not clean well 12 bad washer
13 Harsh on the clothes: under 13 working from the back up, (I did skip one review that was ill relevant), (It's put holes in my new towels and frayed my husband's pants and demolished my son's pillow) Here is the key thing, new towels sheared.
14 Expensive joke: this one is about the low water problem
"Positive advantage: clothes are much drier directly from the washer, machine uses less water in the wash cycle.
Negative: high spin rate frequently produces unbalanced load. Low water utilization results in high soap retention in the clothing. Although following the manufacture's recommended soap measurement, re-rinsing may be required to remove excessive soap retained in the fabric. Soap residue in clothing may result in itching."
My husband and I have sensitive skin skin and get little red bumps from detergent, but this applies a lot to the LG, I have to wash the clothes twice or even three times.
Then I looked under the LG, and I found:

  1. This machine has a flawed design, it does not get the clothing clean, the clothing is extremely wrinkled and neither Home Depot not LG is forthcoming with allowing an exchange. 2. also Washer Shreds King Comforters but also 3 Really good job on large comforter.
    LG won't do a good job on big loads, or dirty loads, in fact, I have to run it even three times for the gardening clothes, and even after 3 times, there is a still a lot of dirty that comes off in the dryer. Everything bad about the Maytag applies to the LG but for the holes in clothes and harsher on clothes, there is more of that under the Maytag, and less on the LG. You will notice I wrote "harsher on clothes?" not "harsher on clothes (statement)"
    If there is anyone I have an axe to grind with it is with Home Depot and not Maytag. The installer installed wrong, they told me my pipes were blocked, had to call a plumber. The plumber removed a blocking plastic that was stopping the hot water. This costs me 125 which Home Depot was responsible for but refunds to pay. There was so vague talk, they may give in a free 5 year warranty, but they never did that either. And I reviewed it on Yelp, and someone did contact me, and did not resolve the problem. She contacted me, but when I told her the problem she stopped writing to me. So even thought it says on my Yelp Review Home Depot contacted me, they did nothing, so that means nothing that they contacted me. I called to complain on the National Number many times and got no help either. So after 3 days of this, I was pretty upset, when I posted that 100 reviews statement, and that was a reflection upon Home Depot and not Maytag.
    So, why would I want to pay Home Depot 200 more dollars for the upgrade, after losing the 125 to the plumber and 80 dollars to have them pick it up and 50 restocking fee? That comes to 330 dollars extra plus the plumber fees of 125 , which comes to 455 dollars wasted by shopping at Home Depot instead of somewhere else. But, I can subtract the 200 I saved due to the LG being on sale, and I come out ahead by 75 dollars. But, if I had done the exchange I would have lost considerable money, so I had to be really sure and I had very little time to decide.

So one must consider the pros and cons of the particular circumstances that I was under, that was the fault of Home Depot and not Maytag. Maytag was very polite when I called them.

To West Village how one feels about the machine is important however, and HE machines do use less water and they do get the clothes less clean, that is a true statment of fact. I could prove it with side by side tests from an old machine to a new machine, but I don't have the interesting in doing so. Maybe consumer reports will run a test?
It is better for the environment to use less water. So, why not outlaw golf courses? We can rip them all up and replace them with water saving mulch. Who is to say the wealthy deserve golf courses, but the poor have to wear dirty clothes filled with soap residue to save water.

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I wish posters would just concentrate on their experiences with the machines in question rather than trying to criticize the OP. How does that help us looking for information. If you have one of the machines in question, just let us know your personal experience. When the OP talks about government regulations, it is just personal opinion and that can justly be disagreed with if yours differ. We need a forum for policy discussions, to take the heat out of these ones.

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I think the laundry forum is mostly simple info/personal experience with a product. Personal attacks aren't helpful but ignoring instead of challenging bad info defeats the point of a resource in my view.

I know I'm in the minority on that. Makes it easy to skip over posts in this subgroup, but this topic seemed a little overcharged. There's exaggerated and outdated info is all.

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nerdyshopper, I wasn't critizing the OP. I was asking her to please post accurate information to correct the earlier inaccurate info she had posted, instead of emotionally-driven outlandish statements which have no basis in fact.

bug_girl, I have owned two Maytag Bravos washers, loved them both, got great service from both, and I could refute every charge you made with MY personal experience if I had the inclination. But it seems to me that would be a huge waste of time.

Suffice it to say, your subject line is very misleading, gives a completely false impression. A tiny minority of reviews say what you reported. This doesn't mean there are no lemons, but it does mean that your statements do not reflect the norm.

Someone else did the math -- 81% of the reviews at the website you cited gave this washer a great rating!

Most people don't have the time to check out the facts, so I'm glad someone else did. I had already done that twice here, and you had ignored my corrective statements each time, continuing to post false statements, until your latest post which still doesn't give an accurate impression.

I have heard and seen complaints about LG washers. If I had an axe to grind with LG, I could mount an all-out assault here and other places too. However, that would not be an honest or honorable thing to do. I do hope you will cease and desist the dishonest statements and false impression you've posted here.

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What dishonest statements? I only quoted from the reviews. I thought it would make you happy when I went back and said the 100 people can't be wrong statement does not mean 100 negative reviews, but even that statement does not say, 100 people thought the Maytag was bad. It just says 100 people can't be wrong.

I don't think you are making any sense about me wanting to promote LG over Maytag, because that is not true, and I have already explained I was making a choice between the two, and Maytag is more money. Maybe you take it up with the people left the negative reviews? I never owned a Maytag Washer. I have Maytag dishwasher and a Maytag refrigerator. I don't think you will listen to reason, so I am going to delete your future replies from my in box. Feel free to say anything you want, but I won't be reading it.

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When I think about it, the only really bad one, was the lady who said it put holes in new towels, but that could have been because she used bleach and that does put holes in things. So, that was not really explained. There is no way to get in touch with her and find out if she had used bleach, but if she called Maytag, they should have told her that. If the towels were really "new" why would she want to bleach them?

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bug girl, have you already made your choice? Have you replaced your machine? If not, will Home Depot refund? I know you said that you had less than a day to decide. That is terrible. Are you still trying to make a decision or are you done? I have been researching washing machines for several days now and am happy to share my conclusions if you are interested and if you feel those conclusions might be helpful.

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bug_girl, when you said (in your OP):

[that you read] about 100 people saying it rips up the clothes, right on the home depot site by the way, plus this:

I mean 100 people can't be wrong

Those were dishonest statements. I posted a correction twice, giving the link to the reviews at Home Depot's website as proof, but you did not post a statement retracting the dishonest ones.

I am truly sorry if you got a lemon. I don't know if reading the washer manual again (or more closely) would help, or not. I do know that some people who had problems initially have said that when they followed the manual's instructions more closely, they got much better results.

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First, we have a Maytag Bravos. It does a pretty good job. It definately can do damage but I am certain that all instances of damage were my fault. There have been three. you must use a garment bag for delicates.
Bras especially will get pulled apart. this has two causes. this washer is very good at spreading the load around the drum. that will cause an unprotected bra to be pulled length wise and then the very high speed extraction will tear delicate connections, like where the cups join. this effect will also damage thread bare items.
The other things to watch for are decorative beads of any kind(wash inside out in a garment bag), cheap iron ons,(wash inside out in cold only).

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Wow, what a goofy and unhelpful thread with everyone ranting about the HD reviews. I have the Bravos model 850, with an internal heater, and have been using it for about a year. My unemotional comments are:

1. I like the washer and would strongly recommend buying the 850 model with the internal heater. The way washers are designed now, to comply with energy star rules, you need a heater in the machine to get the water really warm or hot. This has been endlessly discussed on the laundry forum.

2. If you overload the washer the clothes are going to get tangled. I nearly always use the "bulky" cycle which uses more water for the load. I'm sure this helps with the tangling issue. And I don't fill the washer tub all the way to the top. When I have put too many clothes in the tub, I've had tangling issues. I would suggest that most of the problems with "destroyed clothes" are completely due to operator error, i.e. too many items in the load.

3. I fully agree with the above poster who recommends using a lingerie bag for bras and other small delicate items. I have 6 bags (from Target) and use them for bras, camisoles, and similar. Anything with straps is likely to get stretched and tangled unless using a lingerie bag.

Would I buy the Bravos again, yes. I've learned over many years of buying washers and dryers that buying the top models in the line is smart. You get the most choices of cycles, temperatures, and other features. I debated for many months over getting a top or front loader. The many many comments here about the FLs having mold and smelly problems led me to the Bravos. There are many happy Bravos owners who post on this forum. And the Bravos was much less expensive than the TOL FL machines.

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Well Dianne,

If you almost always use the bulky cycle, you are washing your clothes in a tubful of water. Kinda defeats the purpose of having an HE machine don't ya think?

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I googled 'washing machine destroying clothes' and found this site. Yes, my Maytag Bravos is destroying my towels. I have wonderful towels from Pottery Barn and they are unraveling. I have noticed other items that are fraying as well. At first, I could not believe it but am so frustrated that I decided to see if anyone else has had this problem. I am not sure of what to do about it. If I wash in small loads what is the purpose of buying a extra large capacity washer. Very disapointed.. Is this due to low water or the fact that it does not have the traditional agitator?

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I am having the same problem with the LG, I bought. The water level is so low and the cycle is really long. In order to save water they think they can get the clothes clean by making the cycle long and very harsh. I always set the machine to light agitation setting. But, I have to run the load twice, so I often stop or start it. I may put the clothes and instead of running the cycle as long it goes, I then stop it and do a spin. That makes a shorter cycle. I also use very little soap on towels because they don't have dirt on them. Furthermore towels soak up all the water in the machine. If you look at the towels it appears the towels are running in a machine with no water because the tiny amount of water that was allowed is soaked up. This causes the towels to age. But, I think any of these new top loader water savers are going to have the same problem. I don't think it unique to the Maytag Bravos. It took me a lot of using this machine to figure out what is going on with towels. I hope these tips can help you out. Low soap, light agitation, and short cycles.

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FTR and FWIW, my current Bravos washer is still giving me great performance. I only use the Bulky cycle to wash comforters, sleeping bags, or pillows. I use the appropriate cycle for whatever laundry I'm washing.

I also haven't had to use a bag for delicates. I don't know why this is so, but mine haven't sustained any damage at all.

I use whatever level of detergent is appropriate, varying from the lowest level to the highest depending on what I'm washing and how soiled the laundry is. I am very grateful for my Maytag Bravos washer and dryer.

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I posted about my experience with the Bravos washer last summer and didn't look at the thread again until tonight when it popped up again. This is for the person who said, "Well Dianne, If you almost always use the bulky cycle, you are washing your clothes in a tubful of water. Kinda defeats the purpose of having an HE machine don't ya think?"

Even on the bulky cycle the Bravos machine is not nearly full of water, more like half full. The bulky cycle uses the most water of all the Bravos cycles, but is using much MUCH less water than a traditional TL machine for an equivalent load. I'm definitely saving water any way you look at it. I use my washer the way I think is best: it gets my clothes clean and doesn't tear them up - which was the original point of this thread.

I've been doing laundry for 50+ years, one of my earliest memories is going to the wringer washer laundromat with my Nana in about 1952. I've had the Bravos machine for nearly 2 years now and have tried most of the cycles. Based on my lifetime of laundry experience, I know that it takes more water to clean clothes than is used in most Bravos cycles. It's just a fact and that's why I use the Bulky or Hand Wash cycles for most loads.

Bug Girl, sorry you're unhappy with your LG. Please try using cycles that put more water in the tub. Just because the manufacturer labels a cycle with a certain name doesn't mean it's going to be right for your clothes or towels. It stands to reason that if sheets or towels are agitated with very little water, then 1) they won't get very clean and 2) they will suffer wear and tear. This idea that we can get laundry clean in barely any water is just farfetched.

Like "Mara 2008," I continue to be satisfied with the Bravos because I use common sense in doing my laundry.

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Have you tried playing with the individual settings? Like adding extra water via the Extra Water button? How about setting the washer for Light Soil (as you do) but adding a Soak to that. It would add cleaning power but very little agitation during the soak.

About the missing Hot/Warm setting: can you change the temp from Hot/Cold to Warm/Warm after the fill completed? Would eliminate the need to run a second Warm/Warm cycle.

Low Warm wash temps are nothing new, by the way as you can see in this person's video...


Here is a link that might be useful: LG washer WT5101 no warm wash or rinse video proof!

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The soak is only a cold soak. You can have a hot soak or a warm soak. You cannot first have a soak and then have wash. You could soak first, but it would be cold, then you go back downstairs and set up a wash. There is no presoak feature. I never use the soak all. The so called hot cycle means an ice cold rise. When you use the hot cycle less water comes out then on the warm. I do agree with the video posted. The warm is not warm at all. There is very little differences between cold and warm.

This machine will cause people to be smelly. Clothes washed only in cold water will not get clean, the soap will not come out, and the smell of sweat will still be there. Have you even gotten into the car with someone in there who smells so bad, you have to roll down all the windows? This is what happens to people who wash all their clothes in cold water. They think they are being smart and saving money. They have no idea how bad they smell because they can't smell the BO on themselves.

I use more water with this machine trying to defeat the water stinginess features. The so called "extra water" button does not add any extra water. The extra rise bottom makes two rises at a very low water level. The machine wastes more power to be running so long, then just one proper rise with a normal and correct amount of water. The water should always cover the clothes, but it does not.
Sometimes I run a warm/warm cycle followed by a hot cycle. The warm cycle (which is not really warm) to at least wet the clothes. Once the clothes are wet, the sensor weights them as heavier and will get more water during the next cycle. Or you can fill it up as far as it will go to wet the clothes, use the spin to drain off the water and wash the wet clothes again. But one has to stand there in the basement waiting, who has the time? But, at least my sweat clothes don't come out smelly.

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That's interesting. Your manual states that the Soak cycle adds 30 minutes to the selected wash cycle and then advances into the wash cycle without draining. (on page 21)

The Extra Rinse button can add up to two extra rinses - so three in total.

I wonder why the Extra Water function does no add any water. I think you have to press and hold it down after the fill is complete.

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I was glad to see this post is still alive and well. I have another issue with our new maytag bravos XL which we have had for two weeks. I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem. When the load is finished it has been so thoroughly spun that the clothes are almost impossible to get out of the washer. We like to hang our clothes after leaving them in the dryer for about 10 minutes. We leave them in long enough to fluff the wrinkles out. Well the wrinkles are so bad that no amount of dryer fluffing or shaking or pressing flat will remove them. I have knit tops that I think are ruined. Even my teenage boys, who never complain are mentioning the wrinkled jeans and T-shirts. Does anyone have any suggestions? I can't live with this machine for 15 years or more. We had a Maytag FL previously and even though it didn't clean the greatest it never let down like this. Can anyone give me any help?

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They get tangled right? You can try a lower spin or making the loads smaller, but that may not really help. All my stuff is like non wrinkle stuff. But bedroom slippers get so destroyed. Even the low spin which is medium if you go warm or hot. If you want low spin you have to go cold. The wool cycle is warm, but wool shrinks in warm. It's the stupidest machine ever my LG.

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The fix to your wrinkling problem is to select a cycle that runs a slower spin speed. If you're running everything on the Normal cycle at the highest spin speed ... don't do that. The machine has multiple cycles, spin speed choices and other options for a reason ... because different types of clothing and user laundry habits respond best to different choices of washing parameters. Sorting loads properly per fabric type is important to get good results from these HE-type machines ... much moreso than with "old-style" agitator toploaders.

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Its amazing that you now have to have a degree to run a washing machine! I have tried one load on a slow spin cycle and it was a little better. I stress the word little. I have booked a technician for tomorrow morning and will post the results. I was told by the phone rep that you can only change the spin settings for certain load types and she suggested using the towel setting for most loads and to use a fabric softener. I loathe frabic softeners and haven't needed to use any for years. Our water is pretty soft and even the towels come out fluffy and soft when you don't dry them all the way. I also can't see why I should have to purchase something extra for the Bravos when our old energy efficient FL didn't require it.

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OK. Here is the high and low of our new Maytag Bravos XL It's going back to the store. Trail Appliance has agreed to take it back. They are going to charge us a restocking fee of 20 %. But that is only fair and it was either that ir kijiji.
The technician phoned before he arrived and we were able to resolve issues without a visit which is a good thing because he informed me that if it wasn't warranty work he was going to have to charge me. Maytag almost insisted on sending a tech so I was a little surprised. Those guys don't come cheap. :)
He said he can't change any factory settings and had nothing positive to say about the top loaders of today. He did say that Canadian Tire sells a Inglis top loader that has not changed in 20 years therefore doesn't have the computer. Don't know about water saving properties or energy saving but it's either that or a FL.

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Beware that the Inglis may have a crippled rinse water level. Don't know if it applies to or is required by Canadian standards, but U.S. models have (or had, being as they may off the market now) two water level controls. One is the regular control on the panel for setting the wash level. The other is hidden inside the console and controls the rinse to a fixed low level of approx 5" regardless of the selected wash level.

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Thanks for the tip. Is there any machine on the market that will clean my clothes and not have issues. I believe in saving energy where I can but the bottom line is clean clothes with little fuss. I am prepared to hang dry my clothes there by saving energy with the dryer and I will use warm or cold water at the approximate level for the load but I don't see the saving if I have to purchase fabric softeners and garment bags. Replace my towels because their being eaten, deal with washing loads twice, etc. Am I being paranoid or has this energy saving gone OTT?
That Maytag Bravos was over 800. In Canada. Certainly not cheap for a washer. Is is itoo much to expect good cleaning results?

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My personal choice for a "traditional" agitator-style toploader is either a Fisher & Paykel EcoSmart or a Speed Queen.

F&P by the default cycle options has a restriction on hot water use, and does a shower rinse on the Regular & Heavy cycles (the "eco" part of the design) ... but there's a way around the hot water and a rinse option that runs an agitated deep rinse (or a double-rinse if desired on any cycle, which the Allergy cycle does by default). It's flexible in offering energy- and water-saving operation, or not. Spin speeds of 1,000, 810, 670, or 300 RPM depending on the selected cycle and option.

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For the record, I DO have a Maytag Bravos MVWB750WQ. It rips my towels and clothes - most recent Ralph Lauren. Tired of the washer and I want my old Whirlpool old style back!!!!! Have had this thing three years and have had nothing but dirty clothes and ripped clothing. Nope, I do not overload. I use HE products PLUS it has a sensor to clean the washer and I do it EVERY TIME it comes on. Whites are the worst. (Yes, I use bleach as well as color safe bleach.) I just had a repairman in a condescending manner tell me that I should add bleach to my clothing...... Whites will be great then..... Really???? How old do I look?

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The Maytag Bravos is HORRIBLE. I puts holes in all of my lightweight clothes. I used the delicate cycle, put it on the lowest spin cycle. When I suspected this I called Maytag and they said they hadn't heard of the problem before. WHAT A LIE! I know people have called because I did a lot of research when I realized this was happening. Just this weekend I checked a shirt I had just purchased before it went into the washing machine. Like I said I had just purchased it and had NEVER washed it. Put it on the most delicate cycle and after it was done, the shirt was ruined. Had about 6 small holes in it. I have an entire closet full of ruined clothes. There needs to be a class action lawsuit again them - they have a defective product and sold it to consumers knowing people were having this issue. Now I am stuck with a washer/dryer that cost me over 2,800.00 and I have to take my shirts to the drycleaner. DO NOT BY MAYTAG - they do not stand behind their product!

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