Layout advice & depth for Electrolux and Miele

gbsim1July 5, 2010

We're in the planning stages for our home and I'm doing details on the laundry room and would love some advice.

I'll be replacing our ancient TL machines when moving so have narrowed down the contenders to Electrolux and Miele... the larger capacity versions probably the Wave or the W4842.

Am I correct in seeing that the Miele is about the only washer with a right hinge door and that Electrolux washer and dryer doors can both be reversed? With most other FL brands being left hinged for the washer?

Is venting around the washer a problem? This would need to happen with the Miele as the doors would be crazy if I tried to go with the washer on the left.

In general would be helpful to vent straight out the back, do a 90 degree turn in the MBR closet that is behind the wall and go out the wall from there? I was thinking that this would allow me to push the machines all the way to the back and not have them sticking out another 5" or so to accomodate the duct.

If I duct this way, can the Miele and Electrolux washers go all the way to the back or do you need to budget more room for the drain hose etc?

Thanks... I'm learning a lot from the Laundry Addicts on this forum!! :)

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You are correct that the Miele washer door hinges on the right, and the Electrolux is currently the only model that allows both washer and dryer door to reverse. Asko's XXL washer comes with either left hinge or right hinge door. I have the Electrolux wave touch set and have them very close to the wall. Both have this ledge at the top, so the ledge goes over the back. Technically, you could make it so that both are right against the wall, and you would have room for all of the washer hoses. The only reason I have mine about 2.5 inches from the wall is the dryer vent. I could see that if you had the dryer vent positioned on the wall so that you didn't need room for bends in the vent and just go straight out from the dryer, you could put the machines right smack against the wall. I got rid of the flexible metal vent and bought a periscope vent for the dryer which let's me get that very close. Otherwise the dryer needed about 5-6 inches from the ledge to the wall for the vent. So having put the dryer as close to the wall as possible, I positioned the washer to match. Depending on where your water supply and drain is, you could push the washer all the way back to the wall with room for the hoses, but in most cases you'd probably have to have about the 2.5 inches that I have to make room for the hoses. If you go to the electrolux appliance website, they have the installation instructions you can download which have diagrams and measurements of the machines. The new models don't have them but the older ones do. Specifically I have the washer EWFLS65IIW and dryer EWMED65HIW. I hope that helps!

Here is a link that might be useful: Electrolux Laundry

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Thank you podge. That is helpful... the websites and intallation specs don't say anything about space for hoses.

I'm so worried because there will be a window there and I really don't want the fronts poking out past or even to the window trim.

I'm thinking about putting in the hookups for most setups (washer on left/dryer on right (and in the corner) just because that would seem to offer the most chance of "getting it right"

Does anyone have their Miele washer on the left with their dryer in the corner against the wall and find it awkward?

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I have my units stacked. The Electrolux is only 32.5 inches deep. That was very important to me because my condo laundry closet is only 34" deep. Also, the Electrolux dryer has an indentation on the bottom rear to fit the exhaust hose so it can be vented on the side - yet be pushed all the way to the wall.

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