Asko W6424 or Miele W1612

FlurryingJuly 5, 2012

I have done a search and it seems the last time these machines were talked about and/or compared was back in 2010; so I am wondering if there are any new user comments or reviews?

It seems both machines are very similar in terms of its operations and features except the 120V (Miele) versus the 240V (Asko), the delayed start (Asko) versus the non-delayed start (Miele), and the rubber seal (Miele) versus the non-rubber seal (Asko).

I am also drawn to the reverse tumble feature on the matching Miele dryer. Does this feature work? I am tired of my sheets coming out balled and wrinkly, damp in some parts and dry on others. I have to constantly stop my dryer, pull out my sheets, give it a few flicks, and then put it back in in an effort to encourage even drying.

Am I missing anything else? Asko provides a 3 year warranty while Miele provides a 1 year warranty. Price wise the Miele is about $300 more after you factor in the stacking kit etc. (stacking kit comes included with Asko).

Would appreciate any thoughts. Thanks in advance

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The Asko will take you to 200F temps, the Miele will not. The Asko dryer will ball up your sheets - the "butterfly" drying they advertise is utter nonsense and does nothing to help this situation. I don't know if the Miele dryer will do the same, although the reverse tumble is supposed to help.

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I bought an earlier Asko model, the W6021. Overall I have liked the way the machine washes clothes and linens. But I have just called a repair tech to come fix it for the second time since I bought it 7.5 years ago. My wife and I do 8 to 12 loads on any given week, which I think is fairly heavy use. I have been considering getting a W6424 as a replacement if the repair estimate is too costly, especially since one of the better appliance retailers in town is selling them at a $500 discount this month. Mieles are definitely more expensive, and I'm not sure they are any better built.

The Asko is a 220V machine, not a 120V machine. Its power cord connects to an outlet in the dryer. As sshrivastava mentioned, this allows the heat to go up to 200F, which I understand is not possible with 120V machines. I also agree that the Asko "butterfly" drying system doesn't help with prevention of balled-up sheets, blankets, etc. I typically stop the dryer after 30 or 40 minutes, take out the sheets, blankets, etc., give them a shake, then put them back in and resume the drying cycle.

Good luck with making a decision.

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The W1612 will heat water to 95C.


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mrb627 is correct, I apologize for the bad information. Generally, 120v front loaders cannot heat water to 95C (203F), but the Miele W1612 appears to be one of the exceptions.

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Hi my problem is choosing the correct compact washer. I'm trying to decide between purchasing an Asko 6424 washing machine versus a Miele 1623 because of their compact size and fit into the space for my washer - can't be more than 37.5 inches height, 29 3/4 inches width.

The only issue is which one?

I heard that the Asko comes with 220v which only works with the comparable Asko dryer - that if I only purchase the washer alone it won't work at all in Canada, where the voltage is only 120v or if you say it will work in Canada with its 220v, the other issue is it won't heat water to 100F without hook up to its mate dryer.

Also, I was told by one retailer that Asko is recommended over Miele because Miele is hard to find parts for repair.

I was also told that the Asko model is superior because it doesn't have a rubber seal inside the washer as opposed to Miele which does come with the standard rubber seal. I'm worried about the rubber seal inside the Miele causing this odour as I found that my current Bosch front loader has a rubber seal which does cause an odour when used.

Last, capacity of the Miele is good coming in at 6K and I'm not sure what the capacity of the Asko is as it doesn't say what capacity on its website.

The price for both washers come in at the same price $1699.00 but Miele is offering a 200 dollar discount this month which means the 5 year warranty will be free because that is the cost of a five year warranty or 200 dollars. So as far as price goes, I would find today a 200 dollar saving by purchasing the Miele over the Asko. But is this worth it if the Asko is a better machine?

Any ideas which is the better washer. I am shipping to Canada BC


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