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kaismomJuly 3, 2011

I want an extra large capacity front loader washer with internal heater. I would like to do a hot wash where the temperature is greater than 150F.

What are my options?

Bosch Vission says 175F

Whirlpool, I can't find any specs.

Any others?

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Any machine with a "sanitary" cycle will boost to 150+

175 is exceptional.

"Sanitary" on my 6-year-old Whirlpool is 157 +/- 5 according to spec. I've measured actual 159. Machines that do this typically have only one cycle that will do it.

Be aware any/all cycles that boost temps into that range will extend the cycle time tremendously. It takes a while for 110v-powered heaters to bring the temperature up. My machine takes more than two hours on that cycle. Suspect others similar.

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I currently own a 240V euro small washer. i am well aware of the time issues.
I will look at 'sanitary cycles'.
Any others?

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My experience 6 years and two/three versions old already. Shopping today, I'd probably start with Miele if you've got the bucks.

Be wary of "hot"/"warm"/"cold" designations on the cycles. Mfgr's ideas about what those words mean have changed a LOT in the last 5-7 years and they don't want to tell you what their temperatures actually are. Posters here have recorded mfgr's ideas of "hot" being 90F, for example, and "warm" being 75F. Information from various posters seems to indicate there is no standardization about this. Each mfgr seems to invent their own parameters. Seems we're still on our own that way.

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The sanitary cycle in my Electrolux Wave-Touch is 152ð, according to the manual. One to cross off your list, if you need 175ð.

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Sorry, I misread your original post. I now see you need greater than 150; so the Wave-Touch is an option. The IQ-Touch also has a sanitary cycle so you could check the manual for it online to see if it's the same temp as the Wave-Touch.

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The Miele W4842 has an internal heater and will go as high as 70C/158F. Link below to the owners manual, look on pages 15 - 18. Each cycle option is listed and the different temp options for that cycle. It has quite a large capacity inside. HTH

Here is a link that might be useful: W4842 owners manual

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Forgot to mention that the Electrolux cycles are faster than typical front loaders. The Wave-Touch sanitize cycle defaults to 1 hr 33 mins on the dial for a normal soil level with the "allergen" option added in (automatically gets added in on sanitize). My front loader prior to this took just shy of 2 hours for a default sanitize cycle; it also did not have an allergen setting.

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