Better rethink those open shelves!

tuxedord2January 30, 2014

Haha, could not resist. Our cabinet doors are off and we are painting. In the meantime I thought, "wow- I like the look of open shelves.." But now I realize why that just wouldn't work! See?

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My cat can't resist a hiding place like that either. Its why we took the cabinets all the way to the ceiling!

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As soon as I saw your post title, I immediately knew there would be a cat involved! This would so happen at our place too...

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Those eyes give new meaning to cabinet lighting. And not in a good way :)

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Cabinets not to ceiling? Fridge not counter depth? Others seem to appreciate the benefits:

No doors? No problem:

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Complete with the "you can't see me but I can see you" look.

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OMG I am laughing and laughing!!!

When we first moved into our house, our old kitchen had a fridge that stuck out like the one above. We had to get a container to store the dry cat food because our cat Misha figured out how to jump onto the top of the fridge from the counter, and tried to chew her way into the bag of food!!!

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Imhappy&Iknowit IOWA zone 6b

Wait until they bill you for dusting! But it's still easier than doing it yourself on a ladder.

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Ahh my fellow cat lovers ;-)

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Linelle, don't the kitties scratch your cabinets? My painted white window sill has lots of scratches. I should note this window sill was made extra deep so Cuddles would have a comfortable place to sit and watch the birds, LOL.

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I have to keep the upper door of my hallway linen closet latched (yes, had to add one!) because the kitty likes to somehow get that door open, then (how I can't imagine) get onto the top shelf and hide. That top shelf is 7 feet off the floor.

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haha, love it. Cute little troublemaker kitties.

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debra, they don't scratch the cabinets, a testament to the hardiness of the paint. The one who gets up on top will go up via the counter to the fridge and then leap up. Often she will come straight down on another run, putting her front paws on the door insets. From an angle I can see paw prints which wipe up.

The cat on the fridge is a door opener. He stands on his hind legs, paws on the top of the door, walks backwards while holding on. I posted a video of it somewhere. On the tops of the doors there are a few pinholes where his claws grabbed. I'm not happy about it, but they are very tiny and don't show when the doors are closed. Everything shows on white cabinets and it's just the price of having cats.

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Years ago, in my condominium, I had a leak under my kitchen sink that caused all kinds of havoc in the unit below.

They took out the cabinets and opened the wall, which happened to abut the tub on the other side of the wall. It was now exposed, because they didn't know if it was the sink or the potty on the other side.

I was in the other room when I heard the plumber scream like a little girl and all hell break loose with crashes all over.

He'd gone to sit on an upside down bucket to work on the pipe that ran along under the floor. He looked up, straight into the face of my dark gray cat peering at him from underneath the bathtub. He evidently kind of jumped backwards as he screamed and knocked everything he had all over the tile floor.

My cat, Scorpio, walked off in a huff.

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Cats got to love them . I had one that used to walk up on my cabinets on top and also open doors to all cabs. He also some how figured out how to walk along the top of my plantation blinds in the kitchen window. Would drive me nuts lol. He is long gone passed on. I miss him he was something else:)

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Cats will get into any cozy space! When we were refacing our cabinets, had all the doors off I was sure my cats would be in those cabinets constantly. They did check them out of course, but lost interest pretty quickly. But now that we are finished with our remodel, for some reason one of them loves to sit on top of the new countertop, not sure why, as he never did with the old counters. I constantly find him up there sitting or snoozing, although I am constantly removing him, every time I turn around he's back up there.

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CEFreeman, that is just too funny!!!!!!

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gotta love them!!!

my cat will take all my shirts or socks out of my bottom drawers if left opened and then climb into the back of the dresser, wander around, come out and walk away like he's bored with it all...

he has "taught" me not to leave my drawers open a crack or i will find his handiwork all over...

my DD has filmed him doing this, its a riot, except i have to clean it all up...!!! at least my drawers are organized and neat all thanks to "Jetty", our stray we found on the jetties in Cape May, NJ....we all love him dearly xoxo

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My cats loved the window sill, and hiding in the geraniums and Swedish ivy they felt like they were outdoors. I had a great picture of them, and my mom had a potter friend make a plate for me to remember them by! (New experiment posting a picture, hope it works)

These guys ripped a hole in the bottom out of my base mattress and would sleep in there (and hide at vet-time!)

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the cat pics are hysterical and also something i could see in my kitchen! we actually talked about how said our cat will be if we do run cabs to the ceiling!

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ps to the owners of the cats, they are all really adorable :)

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So sweet! Both mine are on the counters constantly. I say a firm "get down." And then they look at me, blink and then lay themselves down. Sometimes they even roll over. I say, "that's not what I meant!"

Love all the stories ;-) Bpathome, what a fantastic piece of pottery. So thoughtful!

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We had two cats who were sister litter mates and were identical except that one had a slightly longer white bit down the side of her nose.

We had someone working in the bathroom one day and suddenly I heard a "What the He..!". Turned out that the plumber (what is it about plumbers and cats) thought he kept seeing the same cat until they each walked up the sides of him and into the sink cabinet where he was working. He inadvertently elbowed them both trying to back out as quick as he could and then banged his head.

Everyone was ok but from then on I warned people when they came into the house about our identical cats.

Our cats don't get up onto our counters so I'm not sure how a package of catnip got down on the floor and then thrown all over the kitchen. Oh and catnip?... sticks to white cabinets when thrown around by cats.

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