seek expertise in choco-truffle ingredient substitution

jallyJune 30, 2013

Hi, I'm seeking advice for ingredient substitution, for a Spumoni Truffle Squares recipe.
(see accompanying link)

First of all:

Is it OK to substitute Seven 3.5 oz. bars of real white chocolate, instead of the Two 12 oz. bags of white chocoBits?


The recipe calls for a 14 oz. can of sweet condensed milk.
Can I subsitute this recipe from Cooks.Com?

2 eggs
1 c. brown sugar
1 tsp. vanilla
2 TB flour
1/2 tsp. bake powder
1/4 tsp. salt

The Cooks.Com recipe fails to state the Yield of the above.

Would the above recipe equal a 14 oz. can of sweet condensed milk? I couldn't find this info anywhere online, even though the recipe is highly rated & highly quoted.

Once I'd successfully subsitute the white-choco & condensed milk, I may then add:

1 cup sweetened coconut
and 1 cup craisins

(instead of the pistachios and dried-cherries of the spumoni truffle recipe.

Experienced feedback appreciated - thanks!

Here is a link that might be useful: spumoni truffles recipe

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"---Experienced feedback appreciated - thanks!--"

That rules me out. I am an experienced sweets eater, but not an experienced sweets maker.

It seems to me that your substitutions will give you a delicious product, but a different product.


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I agree with dcarch, you are making an entirely different recipe with all those substitutions.

I would bet that a recipe using the ingredients you have/want to use exists, it just may have a different name.


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The chocolate and condensed milk portion of this recipe is what I use for easy fudge. Then add what I want to make the flavor. So yes you can put in coconut and craisons but it definitely won't be spumoni anymore (Spumoni has to have pistachios) I have made sweetened condensed milk before but the recipe you posted looks nothing like it so I have no idea how it will work as a sub. This one is very similar if not the same recipe I tried.

I was wrong spumoni is:

spu÷mo÷ne [spuh-moh-nee, -ney; Italian spoo-maw-ne] Show IPA
an Italian style of ice cream of a very fine and smooth texture, usually containing layers of various colors and flavors and chopped fruit or nuts.
Also, spu÷mo÷ni [spuh-moh-nee] Show IPA .

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Um, the fails to state the Yield of the below.
Does anyone know the yield? (that's actually my primary question, even more than the bars, which I guess I can break up into bits). Isn't it unprofessional that on there's no yield stated?

2 eggs
1 c. brown sugar
1 tsp. vanilla
2 TB flour
1/2 tsp. bake powder
1/4 tsp. salt

If anyone can recommend an [active] forum that's very knowledgeable regarding chocolate desserts, I'd appreciate it.The gardenweb Dessert Exchange is not too active, which is why I posted here.

as for semantics, you can call them coco-loco craizies for all i care. Makes no difference to me what they're called.

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I'm not an expert or even mildly knowledgable so feel free to scroll on by. (It's a little bump, anyway!)

Based on both what's said and what's not said in the reviews, I'd expect one batch to be the equivalent of one 14 oz can. The amount of sugars matches up pretty closely - 192 sub vs 220 can.

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Here is a quote from the site in the comments section:

"Fabulous! Equivalent to 14 oz. can - maybe little more. Warning- do not overmix in a mixer - makes eggs/vanilla frothy & therefore 'grows/foams' like marshmallow in recipe vs sinking in like reg swt conds milk".

and another under the same recipe

"Whew, this recipe saved the day! I was a bit concerned that it would be the correct amount to substitute for a 14 oz. can of condensed milk but it worked perfectly in the fudge. Saved me a few dollars and a frantic trip to grocery store. Thanks!"

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I admit this may be a really dumb question but why wouldn't you just follow the recipe?

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Thank you for posting this. I now have a way to make some of my desserts calling for sweetend condensed milk dairy free. Never thought to look for a substitute of that and it is all of normal ingredients we have at home too.

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Lyfia, no problem, but the thanks goes to the regulars :)
In fact, if anyone here is a member of it would be a public favor to post the info re: 14oz. many times, so it should become noticeable & findable.

OK, now as for the semantics and "not-so-dumb" questions, I guess i'll leave that to your collective imaginations! BTW, dcarch, to my chagrin, and that of my tums (plural, cuz there's double of all of them to match my chins), I too am an experienced sweets eater :))))

To CL Blakey & foodonastump, thank you SO much for the info! Actually i had, in fact, browsed the comments, but must have missed the 14oz. ones, due to my dried blurry eyes (often caused by computer fluresence). Had I only only ignored the scaremonger doctors long ago, and begun drinking coffee+milk+turbinado long ago instead of just recently out of desperation, I'd have had much less headaches, eye deterioration, memory loss & premature aging nowadays.

Now I guess all that's left for me to break those 7 white bars into itsie bitsies by hand ;-) at such time as opportunity plus energy + motivation present themselves together.

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Or just put them in a plastic bag and break out the hammer. They will melt faster if they are small but even if they don't go itty bitty they will still melt. Don't torture yourself :D

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Again thanks, but hey, compared to torture by fluresence, even hammering a pick axe at a quarry is a piece of cake!

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I've been reading this thread with interest, but not contributing because others have more experience and expertise than I. But, I am interested in how your attempt turns out. I've only rarely make truffles. I love them, and their fun to make, but I just don't get around to making them often. I'd like to enjoy yours vicariously.


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