Please help me find the right sink!

maxiepinesJuly 19, 2011

I am looking for a single tub sink (ideally undermount) that is at least 11" deep. I have a 10 pound bichon doggie who gets a "shower" in our laundry room every weekend. I love him, but think its insane to pay $400 for a deep sink. The only other option I've seen is the Swan drop-in from Home Depot for only $75 and I'm not sure about the quality. Please help me!! Thank you so much for your help!

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@maxiepines, I'm afraid you'll have to pony up a few hundred dollars to get what you want. When we were redoing the counters in our laundry room a couple of years ago I went through the same exercise and found what you found. We wanted to replace the existing nice deep SS sink we had with a new deep undermount SS sink. No such luck! We ended up cleaning, restoring and reinstalling our existing sink with the new granite counters. We upgraded the faucet and the whole set up actually looks really good, even though the sink is not undermount. I just couldn't stomach spending a ton of money for a deep sink and tossing a perfectly good one into the dump.

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Darn! I was hoping that someone would have a magical answer for me! Just out of curiosity, what brand is yours?

I can't believe that there isn't a single viable option... doesn't it seem strange, given that many homes have laundry room sinks and/or mudrooms?? Sigh...

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I know, that's what I thought as well...

Our is Elkay, single chamber, 11.5" deep. I'm assuming it's from the late 80s when our house was built.

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Please do your homework about installation of under mount sinks. My kitchen sink fell out when I had my plumber installed a sink incinerator which weighed close to 30 lbs. without water. Now if he would have told me that my sink is not mounted correctly, I would not had the unit installed!

BTW, my house came with that deep sink from Home Depot and the price is insane for a piece of metal that's D shaped.
Good luck on your decision!

Here is a link that might be useful: Do it right the first time or you will regret it months later from now!

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I'm pretty sure that 30-lb. thing your plumber installed in your sink was not an "incinerator". : )

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You are right! LOL
IE Spell check done its job and I got burned going down that drain! hahaha

Here is a link that might be useful: IE spell check

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